Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All (sort of) about me

You're a curious bunch. I'll answer all the questions I received and keep updating this post as new queries come in.

Is your name really Linda Sue?


What do you look like?

I'm a natural titian redhead, 5'8", with perky small breasts and prominent, long nipples, a nice butt and long legs. My hair falls over my shoulders. Men love my pussy, which has large labia.

Do you like porn?

No. It doesn't do anything for me. And I wonder about the fetishes of younger men who spend a lot of time on porn sites. I don't have huge artificial breasts. I don't shave — love my natural red pubic hair. The idea of a guy coming on my face or slapping my butt while he fucks me doggy style are definite turn-offs. The shaved thing makes me wonder how much these men are after ten-year-old girls.

How old were you when you lost your virginity?


Do you prefer Wilson, Ed Brown or Baer?

These are guns, not porn stars, by the way. I liked the Special Forces Carry when I fired it. But prefer the Glock 23 or SIG Sauer P220

If your job is so sensitive, why have a blog?

I love sex. Maybe I'm rebellious. Maybe I am watching you.

Every try a strapon either giving or receiving?

Yes. I fucked a boyfriend with one. Receiving, not so much. I love the feeling of skin on a real penis.

Do you practice safe sex?

Hmmmmm. If it's a stranger, I use a condom, even though I hate them. I prefer men I know or have scoped out, professional, middle-to-upper middle class. It's no guarantee, but... I love to feel a naked cock in me and to feel semen shoot inside me.

Are you happy? Do you feel loved? Does it matter to you? What would the best night/day of your life look like?

Is that you, Mom? Yes, yes and yes. As to the last question, see the posts on this blog.

Do you always lie if a man asks you if his cock is big enough? Do you ever fake it?

I never lie because a man who knows how to use his cock is big enough (and I can teach him if he doesn't know). I have never faked an orgasm, but I come very easily.

Are the pictures on here really you? Right now are you shaved?

You know how I feel about shaved. Many of the pics are of me and lovers. Others were sent in by readers. You'll have to use your imagination. The profile pic is me.

Where in the crap have you been? Dont you know we use your adventures to jack off to?? GEEZ I love the old stories but need some new stuff! Bang your brother in law again or cruise a bar again (preferably in my town!!)

That's classified, dear.

Do you think you can suck two cocks simultaneously, and swallow both loads with no difficulty?

I could do it if the guys didn't get all weirded out about being gay because their cocks touched.

Do you believe the legend regarding Cleopatra performing fellatio on 100 Roman noblemen in one night?

I missed that in my classics classes. It's possible if she used the vomitorium.

What's your take on DPs and facials? Had one/looking forward to one?

A DP sounds uncomfortable and a facial is a total turnoff.

What's the biggest load you've ever seen a guy shoot? What was your reaction to it?

My ex-husband was a big commer: Big load and very strong stream. I LOVED it. I've also had lovers who pulled out and a long stream of semen trailed their cocks...big turnon.

Have you ever farted while having sex?

Yes, and had pussy farts during fast, hard doggy.

What does good foreplay consist of? Having your breasts sucked on and your pussy licked? Do you need to get warmed up before you want a cock in your mouth? Do you like when guys ask you where you want their hot load? In your pussy or your mouth?

Foreplay can include a sophisticated man who knows good wine, sparkling conversation and makes me laugh. Good kissing is essential foreplay. So is touching, kissing my neck and ears and belly. Sucking my breasts and licking my pussy are grand, too. I don't always need foreplay. And sometimes it's nice to be asked about their load, especially if they're panting and desperate.

Do you regret making the promise to answer all these questions?

Not yet.

What is the most taboo sexual experience you have had?

I've often sought out the taboo, so it's hard to say. Probably this one.

Ever had sex in a car?

I'm pretty tall. I've sucked cocks in a car, and had sex on the hood of a car.

Have you ever been married?

Yes, once.

How many lovers have you had?

Thirty eight. Add another ten or so that were just blow jobs.

Do you date people who email you from the blog?

No, sorry.


Captain Starkiller said...

As always, thanks for being honest.

Anonymous said...

Do you wear high heels for your dates? How high?

stockings or pantyhose?

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of shaving / waxing / smoothness, but absolutely not for the pedophile angle. I like it because I want to actually see what she looks like. It is really hard to appreciate every curve and cleft of a vulva when it is obscured by a massive bush.

And no, the mystery does nothing for me. I am a very visual man, and I want to see. I don't care whether or not she has pubic hair above the Cleft of Venus, although a really small patch in any configuration on the mons pubis really turns me on! The sight of her, if she is perfectly smooth from the top of the Cleft down and past the anus makes me instantly rock hard.

As I write this, I think that another underlying reason that this smoothness really turns me on, is it demonstrates a willingness on the part of the woman to completely expose herself without reservation or any wisp of obfuscation.

The attitude of her being proud of herself and wanting to be seen exactly as she is, under bright light, is very erotically intimate to me.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever been required to fuck someone while on the job? Or anything sexual at that? Or, it's classified! ;)

Anonymous said...

What's your kinkiest unfulfilled fantasy?

Have you ever been tied up? Done the tying up?

"coraz" word verification said...

linda sue,

my current and final love was shaved when we met, and i certainly liked it. i was shaved myself, and she liked it too. we have remained shaved for five years now, and i am hoping one day to be able to afford laser hair removal.

like anonymous #1, i like to see the bits and parts that can be hidden by lots of hair. like breasts, cocks stick out for all to see, but the architecture of the delightful bits of a woman are more subtle, and need to be examined to be understood and appreciated.

she has small inner lips, and most of her beautiful pussy bits are usually covered by her outer lips when she is not sexually excited. it is like a package in pretty paper, waiting to be opened and appreciated. freshly fucked however, she is wide open with swollen inner and outer lips, and her clit hood standing tall and proud. i love to see that, and would not be able to do so if it were covered with hair.

there is no pedophile in me, but i sure love to look at her pussy in all its raging glory. that is just the same as her loving to look at my cock.

Anonymous said...

Hot profile pic. You are very sexy in those stockings. Thanks for posting.

Can you take a picture for Halloween? i.e. Cheerleader being naughty?

Anonymous said...

Heeyyyy...missed you. We were worried 'cause you've been gone a long time.

Glad you're back.


Anonymous said...

I've been a long term lurker on your site. No doubt one of the many who salivate over all that you have offered, but never dared to venture a comment, or say thanks. Your picture and latest post certainly deserves a big thank you, and a comment.

You have mentioned your perky little breasts so often, and now that I can see them, I have to agree that they are beautiful and I love them.

Your big red box, so bold and beautifully displayed, had me returning to that photo and magnifying it repeatedly, but I would never dare go there myself. I love to pash pussy and kiss cunt but I would be afraid of losing my head altogether inside that one.

Anonymous said...

What other foreplay do you like?

Have your pics ever made it to the Internet?

Does size matter?

Do you consider yourself bisexual?

Lenore said...

What has surprised you most doing your blog?

Anonymous said...

Wow, lovely pic. Nice cunt, love the spread shot, so lewd yet inviting. Great reading your responses to all the questions.

Anonymous said...

You are more delicious than I imagined! And a redhead to boot, what a bonus!

Anonymous said...

what birth control do you use?

Anonymous said...

Are you on the Web with pics or video??

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to your posts and really appreciated the photo which I saved for later...

Tom said...

Hi Linda Sue,

I'm a 23-years old student from the Netherlands and I do really enjoy your blog!

I have to say that I am very very fond of a really hairy pussy - and I do believe it is a pedophile-culture-thing. Luckily I was able to convert all my former girlfriends to 'hairy-dom'. I hope to see more photos of you.

Phone Sex said...

I love verbal humiliation. Being told I have a small cock (which I have) is so hot for me. My Girlfriend tells me it is my fault she has to have a lover because I have a small cock, and I am useless in bed and I could never satisfy her, gets me going every time.

Phone Sex said...

Humiliation is not something we have ever been interested in. My wife and I have a great deal of respect and admiration for each other. If my wife was to really focus on humiliation and belittling I know she would lose that respect and that would be the end of our marriage.

Phone Sex said...

As Jinxy clearly points out things are not always so black and white. My previous statement is one I have believed and held dear for 30+ years. Looking back my wife has played with using humiliation in a very soft core, playful manner. She has used it to assert her dominance and to inject a passion and intensity in our cuckolding.

Anonymous said...

Linda will you do a picture request? I'd like to see you on your hands and knees, black garter, stockings, and shoes. From behind at an angle so we can see your ass, legs, and hairy pussy.


Phone Sex said...

Very nice interview! I like this type of pussy that have large labia like you.

Anonymous said...


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