Monday, October 25, 2010

More reader questions about me (updated)

More questions from readers (unless there's a slew of new questions, I'll answer them on this post with updates):

Are your emails interesting?

Oh, yeah. I get everything from women asking romantic advice to guys sending photos of their cocks. Just had a young man send me a video of him jerking off a very nice big black cock for me. I answer every one.

Do you wear high heels for your dates? How high? Stockings or pantyhose?

I wear high heels, but not that high — I'm tall already. Stockings are very sexy to me, usually sheer black, sometimes white, too, in the bedroom.

Have you ever been required to fuck someone while on the job? Or anything sexual at that? Or, it's classified! ;)

It happens on the job and I know women who have done it. One famous incident involved the Mossad agent "Cindy" — really named Cheryl — who used the tender trap to help in the kidnap of an Israeli who spilled the beans on their nuclear program. Our intelligence agencies do it, too. I haven't been called upon for that particular work, although my looks have helped me in various situations.

What's your kinkiest unfulfilled fantasy? Have you ever been tied up? Done the tying up?

I've been tied and done the tying and it's sexy. My kinkiest unfulfilled fantasy...I'll have to think about that. Any suggestions?

Can you take a picture for Halloween? i.e. Cheerleader being naughty?

That would give away my high school.

What other foreplay do you like?

A man's voice — the right kind of voice — can make me wet. Skin-on-skin is a turn-on, when my lover and I lie side-by-side. Strong, sure hands on me. Talking about sex. Another woman being interested in my lover makes me territorial. Footsie under a table. Being passionately kissed on a Paris street under the streetlights. A man who reads books and can talk intelligently about them.

Have your pics ever made it to the Internet?

The frat boys were taping my near gang-bang experience in college. My ex-husband took some pics of me and he was so mad later he might have put them out there (luckily I changed my hair style).

Does size matter?

It depends on the woman, really. A good five- or six-inch cock can be totally satisfying, especially wielded by a good lover. On the other hand, a really big cock used by a bad lover is disappointing aside from the look of it. Most women would probably like a larger cock with a capable and giving lover, who is a mensch. But I knew a guy with a cock so big he said he couldn't find a lover!

Do you consider yourself bisexual?

I've thought about that, because I've mostly loved my experiences with women. But I prefer guys. I guess I am pan-sexual, open and willing when horny and faced with a horny, attractive lover of either sex.

What has surprised you most doing your blog?

The number of people who have had sex with relatives.

What birth control do you use?

The pill.

Have you ever had public sex?

Yes. I fucked a guy on the hood of his car. He had my imprints there as a reminder of our fun. Once I was sucking a guy's cock as he drove. He became so crazed he pulled over into a rest stop, came around to my side, opened the door, slid me around in the seat, dropped his pants and fucked me hard with his ass sticking out of the open door. I've been fingered on Amtrak. Fucked a guy in a state park by sitting on him with my miniskirt on and his cock sticking through his fly — we were totally dressed and the only clue you would have had was our motion and my orgasm, which I couldn't quite stifle. Got a round of applause from a group of guys in the distance. There were others.

Opening up to readers questions, interesting if the answers are true. The Justin rape is intriguing on several levels. Did you secretly anticipate it? Did you secretly want it to shame your sister? You clearly could have stopped it but didn’t. Was it an experiment in turning the tables mentally from victim to controller? Was it a challenge to humiliate Justin and keep him primed for later encounters? What was really going through your head at the time?

The answers I've given are all true. And I guess the answers to your Justin questions are all, "Yes." I certainly wanted to get back at Amber for a host of things. Afterward, I felt terrible. It was a horrible lapse of judgment brought on by all those things, plus I was really horny.

Does it arouse you to know guys are jerking off to your stories?

Yes. But it's also gratifying to hear from the many women readers who feel liberated or justified by the blog and my sexual freedom, and the number of gay readers who come here.

What other lingerie do you like?

Stockings and garter belts; bustiers and corsets. Usually black. Sometimes white.


If you could turn back time, what would you change?

That's the kind of existential question I'd need time to think about. I'm happy with my life. I was very fortunate in my career. And I've had a wonderful lifetime of fucking!

Have you ever wanted to start a paid website with pics and vids of you?


What's your style to "market" yourself for these sexy situations?

The unfair reality is that even an average-looking woman can get laid any time she wants to; that's not true of most men — some reach that point in their 30s, others never do.

I am outgoing and can converse on many levels. I can be flirty or stand-offish, depending on the situation and what I want. I show interest in others. And I was blessed with good emotional intelligence (as well as good taste in clothes and nice legs).

Do you fuck Asians?

You bet.

I'd like to ask if it's always the case whether you can feel a guy cumming inside of you. My girlfriend says she cannot feel it when I finish. I'm wondering what you've found to be true. Also, what does it feel like when a guys cums inside of you?

I can feel it: A wonderful pulse and gooey, warm sensation inside. But not all women can, based on girlfriend sex talk I've had. I think I have more nerves inside than most. And I love the feel of semen trickling (or cascading!) out of me afterward.

Which of your escapades is your favorite, the one that you think of over and over, that gets you wet, that you wish you could repeat? Why?

So many! Probably too many to count. I get pretty wet thinking about that night at the frat house, the sense of innocence, stupidity and intoxication that almost had me pulling a train. That's one.


BadGirlJennifer said...

I want to have "pan-sexual" sex with you

Captain Starkiller said...

If you could turn back time, what would you change?

Anonymous said...

I love your content Linda. I wanted to ask you if you ever wanted to start a paid website with pics and vids of you? If so may i create it for you? =)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences, and thanks for the picture. You are one HOT woman! Such clear skin, and so well-proportioned. I've spent many weeks working in DC over the years. Sorry I never met you.

Anonymous said...

I am always curious about the approaches people use to "market" themselves into these interesting "story worthy" situations.

My opinion and experience is that attracting "quality" companions usually requires more than simply "dressing for success" even though stockings and heels are my personal weakness (wear them on toned legs and I will absolutely melt in a puddle of desire...). Careful public screening can help to filter out the "unqualified" candidates. But exuding some kind of openness and willingness to go beyond platonic conversation is normally needed to attract the desireable and equivalently willing.

So what is your style? A special effort into being gregarious in social situations? Consciously being flirty and friendly with the people around you? Openly talking about those "evoking" topics that make the average conservative person blush?

What approach(s) do you use with the most success?

chylowf word verificaiton said...

linda sue,

i just followed your "sex with relatives" link and read the whole thing. astounding is a word that comes to mind. i can see fucking your cousin or a horny aunt - not much of an issue with that. but fucking your parents?

what were they thinking when that father took his daughter's virginity at age nine? what could they have been thinking?

Anonymous said...


Do you fuck Asians?

monistic word verification said...

linda sue,

i would love to watch you having pan-sexual sex with badgirljennifer. that would be so hot.

for that matter, i'd like to join y'all just to see if (a) you are a sexy as that recent picture suggests, and (b) if that much pleasure would be lethal.

keep the blog going with more of your hot stories - they are read by many and are deeply appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Tell us more about you and Asians!

Anonymous said...

Do you think you will ever give a homeless person a blowjob or fornicate with the smelly old homeless person on his street corner? Do you think it'd be hot as hell letting people know you got fucked an old dirty bum? Letting him cum inside of your mouth filling your mouth with his years of saving sperm?

I'm NOT Scelpou said...

jesus fucking christ but anonymous November 11, 2010 5:23 AM is one sick sick fucker.

rather than poke linda sue with a sick mind, why not be nice and ask her dimply to take a shit in your mouth and to piss in your eyes? surely that is the recognition you seem so desperately to be seeking here with your post.

Anonymous said...

do u fuck ur siblings?

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