Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fast learner

The virgin loves sex. Like most young men, I've had to break him of some bad habits he's learned from seeing porn on the Internet. It made me glad to find this site by Cindy Gallop (I bet she does). The New York Times also did an article in the Style section about this cougar. I'm doing my modest part.

The good: He's very eager to learn. So as his stamina has increased, I've taught him tricks such as "riding high" in the missionary position, which lets him apply more pressure on a woman's clitoris. And to swivel his hips when he puts my ankles over his shoulders or takes me from behind. He's become very good at cunnilingus and I reward him with feather blowjobs that make him get very loud. He's a legs man who loves for me to wrap mine around him and run them up and down his back and the backs of his legs. I've taught him how to suck my nipples (hard) while cautioning him that not every woman likes that.

We can go five times in a night. He's very sweet and loving, so teaching him not to pull out immediately and to hold me is easy. And the come...OMG. He's got the strongest stream I've ever encountered and can deliver a big load down my throat even after he's come in my a couple of times. He likes women, a big asset. He's smart and funny.

We fucked most of last weekend. Then I had a Sunday date with another man in my life, who gave me yet more good sex. Monday morning, I was pooped and (nicely) sore.

The not-so-good: I've already had the "Don't fall in love with me talk" and he says he's ok with that. But I'm not sure his heart with hear his intellect. So this may come to tears. In the meantime, I am trying to up his social skills and (hidden) charm so he can leave the sex nest and find women his age. It will be tough. When I was that age, I probably wouldn't have been interested in him. But I was a stupid girl, as some are, taken in by shallow things. And plenty of young studs are lousy lovers. In the meantime, we'll keep going.


Muff Diver Mike said...

wait til you teach him take to take his ass balls deep...

Dru said...

Nice reading from you again. Its been a while! I am not into lovers my age. I just don't like the inexperience they come with and unlike you, I don't have the patience to teach.

I have to admit I am jealous that you get to have sex so many times and are always rewarded with a nice thick stream of cum after.

Anonymous said...


Why have the "don't fall in love talk"?... In my humble opinion it never works.

My advice would be hit it and quit it. Make it an intense set of weeks, until you just can't stand the non sex stuff creeping up in conversations. Then wham "unplanned" business trip with no contact.

Come back "just here for a couple of days". Wham back to business trip no contact. Rinse and Repeat

This way you get a good 4-6 months out of him. He could be useful around the holidays.

Community Activist

Anonymous said...

Community Activist, It seems that "Sun" Sue here knows far better than you the ancient art of love. Leaving a lover hanging is the worst thing to do to him or her. I think she's doing the right thing by this young man by being honest from the very start with him. Aule

BadGrrlJennifer said...

You go, Linda! One of my hobbies is collecting virgins. I'm up to twenty and it's always a trip! So grateful, full of cum and willing to please.

You Mommie Fucked You Up Community Activist said...

Dear Community Activist Asshole,

Go fuck yourself and then dump yourself just to see if you miss the feeling of sticking your head up your ass. Then go meet someone, fall in love or lust or like with him, and tell him if he loves you he will never see you again. And then go start seeing a therapist to find out what happened in your youth to allow you to use and abuse other people for your selfish desires.


You Suck

Anonymous said...

To all CA haters...

Just a thought, would it alter your perception a bit if... the assumption that I am male were false?

love and kisses

Community Activist

Anonymous said...

I was initiated into the arts of sexual pleasure by an older woman when I was 19. Of course, I fell in love with her, but got over the eventual and inevitable brush-off. All I can say, after all these years...Thanks, Christine! All my lovers would thank you, too!

weird said...

to the female community activist:

no, it would not alter the perception that you are a shallow piece of shit who has no qualms about using other people for your own selfish needs and desires. i think that You Mommie Fucked You Up assumed you were a woman, or gay, for what that is worth. being a selfish asswipe is not a gender kind of thing, it is an cultural think handed down from parent to offspring.

i hope it is working well for you, but i suspect you'll face the piper sooner or later. good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Community Activist, I hope you say my comment not as hatred but as a simple disagreement from my own point of view.

Whether you are male or female, it stills seems to me that the final results of your strategy will still be loneliness.

I really hope that when Linda reads these comments she won't find the Sun Tsu pun too terrible.


Griggk the goblin said...

I can only wish my first time had been with someone who was mature and knowledgeable, who was concerned about my feelings as well as my education. He's lucky you took a fancy to him, Linda Sue...luckier than he'll ever know.

bbw chat line operator said...

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John Cowan said...

When I was "the virgin"'s age, I was a virgin, and I was introduced to sex (well, sex with women, anyway) by a woman almost twice my age. Was I young, dumb, and full of come? Yes. Was I willing to learn? Emphatically. Did I fall in love with her? Of course. Did she say it was just going to be a fling? Yes. Did we have lots of out-of-bed problems? Yes!

Did we get past our problems? Yes. We both needed to make changes, and we made them. Did we get married five years later? Yes (and it was the best day of my whole life). Are we still together thirty years after the wedding? Yes, we are! Are we still as much in love as ever? YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!

So don't talk to me about "inevitable brush-off"; some brush-offs are quite evitable. It can be good and last.

Jon alen said...

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