Sunday, August 19, 2012

With a cherry on top

Girl walks into a bar...

I was in one of my favorite watering holes not far from DuPont Circle, a muggy D.C. night, wearing shorts and a light top, no bra. After nursing a martini, I noticed a young man drinking a beer and reading a book. It was one of Arthur Link's books on Woodrow Wilson. That got my interest. A man who reads! And one of our finest historians! So I took the initiative and soon we were talking about the Progressive Era. He was smart and shy, tall with wavy dark hair.

Nothing happened.

Two weeks later, I happened by the same place. This time I was dressed for work. He was still reading Link. We swapped stories, mine sanitized for civilian consumption. He's in grad school, which brought back plenty of grad-school memories for me (and lots of grad-school fucking, which I didn't get into). Finally, I asked him if he wanted to go back to his place for another drink and we went. He was either one of the shyest men I had ever met or he was gay, but from the way he had been appreciatively noticing my body from the first, I took a chance on the former.

In his small apartment, modestly furnished but filled with good books, we sat on the sofa talking for a couple of hours before he took my hand and held it, just that. His hand was strong and warm. I was very wet. That "I'm going to get fucked" sense was apparent. So I took the initiative and kissed him. Pretty soon, we were making out. He liked kissing, which was a good sign. His cock was punching against the fabric of his slacks and I stroked it without pulling it out.

I led him back to his bedroom and we both fell into his small, unmade bed. Pretty soon, we were naked. He gave me an exquisite fingering while I fondled his penis: average size but with a thick shaft and a prominent, big head. I mounted him and guided his cock inside me, getting that nice, filled feeling. He put his warm hands on my hips and I started riding him.


Yes, I could feel him coming in me. It had taken all of thirty seconds.

So I just rocked on top and got a nice little orgasm, then lay in his arms. He was chagrined, apologizing. His poor penis was totally flaccid, covered with our mingled juices. He actually batted it back and forth, trying to make it erect again. "Don't hurt it," I said and just stroked his chest and enjoyed the closeness. Men have such a difficult time sometimes...

Of course I wasn't going to leave things at that. Pretty soon, I took him in my mouth and he was hard again. Then I put him inside me and we fucked for several minutes this time, and I had a big screamer that left me totally wrung out. All the time, he was so gentle and caring in his love-making, even if it wasn't an athletic hour-long fucking in every position. Later, he went down on me and it was quite fine. I ran my fingers through his wavy hair as he gave me another orgasm.

Later, when we were talking, I learned that he was a virgin. And nineteen. So, there you go, Linda Sue. This cougar thing has gone too far. He's young enough to be my son. And, sure, I'm a little smug having gotten his cherry. If we play so more I'll teach him moves that women later in his life will thank me for. The danger, of course, is that he'll fall in love with me.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you were just as gentle and caring as he was... Aule.

Anonymous said...

There is great kindness in your heart. Some women, not all, would complain about having to teach.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Linda! You brought back the memories. I was 19 and "initiated in the arts of love" by an older woman. And yes, she taught me stuff my lovers have much appreciated!

The world according to Gaz said...

He was one lucky young fucker. If you hang around plenty will appreciate youe efforts.

Anonymous said...

Linda I have to say you have a way with stories. This one was excellent.

I found myself out in Crystal City recently and heck... maybe there is something to the DC area after all. ;)

Linda said:
"The danger, of course, is that he'll fall in love with me."

Would that really be so bad? You can do worse than a literate 19 year old who can get it up twice.

Besides 19 year old grad students have older degree advisers... and older fellow students... why not shop at the market that has isles of literate produce? Just sayin' :)

Yours Truly
Community Activist

Anonymous said...

Or, maybe, the danger is just as likely you'll fall in love. Hmmm...


Anonymous said...

Your or him falling in love would not be such a bad thing. Since you are in your 40's (early ones, I presume), finding a 'wife' in a role-reversed marriage would be a logical thing to do. I see no shame in it, in this modern day and age. Let it happen, it could even be wonderful for you both. Aule.

been the 19-year-old boy/man before said...

i don't think any of y'all other comment writers have had a 10-year-old boy/man fall in love with you. the sex can and usually is great, the issues than can come with it are often anything but great. and think of what he might go through falling in love with someone who, for a number of reasons, could not return the love and the dedication to building a lasting relationship.

on the other hand, the sex usually is great.

been the 19-year-old boy/man before said...

sometimes the typing isn't so great. that was supposed to be 19, not 10.

BadGrrlJennifer said...

Enjoy the sex, babe

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm where are the Lindas inthe bars where i read? Lucky bastard. ;)

Anonymous said...

Lovely little tale,what could you do with an old guy who has a disabled and sexless wife,but still
gets horny every night and "cums"at
least twice into a "Flashlight"