Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A good angry fuck

I've been out of country and of course my lovers don't understand. This is particularly true of the (recent) virgin. How can somebody who works for the Department of Agriculture be out of pocket and not even reachable by email? Of course, I can't tell him the truth.

He has been watching Homeland and the series kind of creeps me out. I am definitely not Carrie. Her tradecraft is totally unrealistic and she'd be drummed out of the agency in a heartbeat in real life. Still, it makes me uncomfortable. The virgin can tell. I would like to spend the night with Claire Danes.

Anyhoo, the virgin was disappointingly faithful So when we got back together, he game me a good, long angry fucking. I think I came about a dozen times. He doesn't think I have been faithful to him, but the truth is that I didn't get laid the whole time. Hence, my dozen orgasms as he slammed his young cock into me. Afterwards, while he slept, I looked at him and couldn't believe how young he is. Young enough to be my son. But I have taught him how to fuck. Later, he licked me for about an hour until I was quivering and my throat was sore from screaming.

I've got to take him out and teach him how to pick up girls...


Week Bi Week said...

My husband and our male playmate are not so young, and I still feel like I need to teach them to go out and pick up girls. :-)

weird said...

jesus fucking christ, i relly hope one of these days he realizes how damned lucky he is to be under your wing.

Anonymous said...

You broke him, you bought him. Aule.

Anonymous said...

Here's another thought. Who says the age difference has to matter in the 21rst century? You yourself say you are 40+. You are not getting any younger to find someone to hold your hand when you pass on. You also don't realize how lucky you are right now... Smart, earnest, and faithful men are extremely rare, rarer even than the female equivalent. Plus it seems from your blogs that of all the men you have known he has given you the greatest amount of physical joy. Were the genders reversed any good man would be ready to marry a girl so nubile, skilled, and faithful. You need someone in your corner? Why not him? Let it happen. Fall for him. Propose. Then tell him the truth. The results could be the best thing that ever happened to you both.

Looter4242 said...

Wow - where you been all my life. Smart, sexy, sensual and so fuckable. Come to NYC. Love your writing - real talent - sense of humor and a sharp eye for the truth. Talent and a hot bod - a deadly combo in my book. Anyways - a worldly man, tall, strong and hungry for someone like you awaits. Happy Holidays sexy one. If you ever want to chat looter4242 at the yhoo

hans said...

Heh, have mercy on the kid.
You popped the seal, now he´s basically "imprinted" on ya.
It´s natural and the bitch had a good reason to program us that way.

I´d suggest riding the O-train and let him worry about the pedestal he´s taught to put the women on.
Eventually he´ll wisen up or become yet another alimony slave to some conniving young bitch after you, then (maybe) wise up.

If you really want to to the guy a favor then surf some Pick-up artist pages (like heartiste) with him and give him the honest inside view.

Anonymous said...


That would be heartless of her. There's a reason women are put, and should be put, on a pedestal. It's for the protection of women from men like you.

I have been ecstatically married to my wife of ten years, she and I are raising a beautiful child together. We had an amazing wedding night after waiting a year after the proposal. But neither of us were virgins and we were both afraid of having our hearts broken once again by people who wanted to "ride the O train", rather than intend to take a trip to eternity with the other person.

Now after all this time, love, and trust, the sex has become unearthly... for both her and I.

My heart might be utterly enslaved to my wife, but I don't consider myself a potential alimony slave at all to her. She's God's gift to me.

There's no such thing as casual sex, all blogs, books, movies, etc. You take a person by the heart when you take a person by the hand.

Any person with an ounce of humanity will feel at least some connection to the other as a consequence, no matter how hardened he or she actually feels he or she is or needs to be.

In any case, I really think Linda can look forward to very much more than being alone at 60+ with nothing more than a paid-for penthouse, a GS15 pension, and a lot of memories and regrets.

But love, marriage, and children, and a lifetime of mind-shattering sex are just within Linda's reach.

All she has to do is let herself follow the truth that her own heart and body are are trying to tell her.

And I think she is falling in love with him, regardless of how much she is trying her best to prevent this from happening.

Good luck, Linda.


Conal Mernack said...

Now that is a blog posting I'd like to read, how to pick up girls/women...seriously!

hans said...

How about just reading my Post again?

BTW talking about programming, sad thing about feminist brainwashed white knights like Mr. Aule is, they´re just impervious to reality or even learning from their own experience.

Most damning thing about them though is, they´re keeping inexperienced guys down along side them in their delusional Disney-princess reality.

Western and especially American women are about the most protected humans on this planet(for now), at the expense of the freedoms of everybody else.

So just projecting even a false air of "rebel"/"not giving a fuck" makes the bored females flock to the "bad-boy" in droves.
As they are sick and tired of the cowed quasi-male masses constantly leering at them.

BTW I´m in no way a fan of all these Pick-Up Artists, but they provide a much needed Red-Pill for the average feminist brainwashed western white-knight "mangina".

Anonymous said...

Hi Hans,

I don't see the need to defend myself from the likes of you. You seem to be using far more demeaning terms for people like me, than I am using for you.

"Mangina?" That's a new one. Does that mean chest pain of some kind?

I don't consider myself brainwashed. I have learned a very, very long time ago that the way to have the very best pleasure with a lady is to treat that lady with reverence. The very best orgasms are achieved in an atmosphere of absolute trust between both partners.

A feminist, by definition, is a person who believes that the male and female genders should have equal rights.

I think there is also the difference between a "man", and an "adult human male", and I believe myself the latter. The former is usually a pernicious front of distorted cultural expectations as handed down by the high school locker room and mass media.

I recognize that for the most part "nice guys finish last", and that women are attracted to the more roguish element of the male gender. Their loss. I'm going for the quality of the experience, not the quantity or variety as you seem to be.

I'm happy with the life I lead, and ecstatic with the sex life I am having, and I do not consider either lacking,

As for being a "white knight", why should that be a perjorative? More males should treat ladies with basic courtesy and respect than you seem to advocate.

I walk on the road which achieves the high ground. If a woman is bored with this, then that's not the kind of woman I want. I want intellect, character, and class. Looks are all a matter of perception.

I didn't necessarily hold out for marriage to lose my virginity. I held out for true love instead. I may not have won the gold medal, but I know for a fact I won the silver.

I'd rather drink potassium cyanide that cheat on my wife and so crush both her spirit and my daughter's. That's how much I need my family. But I also do plenty of research on what can work and what doesn't in terms of sexuality, and my wife and I had a New Year's even that had the most prolonged sexual contact and the most intense orgasms ever. Love tends to do that to couples.


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