Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas eve thoughts

By the time this posts, I'll be on my way to the West Coast for the family Christmas celebration. After the year I've been through, I can't say I'm looking forward to the stress this visit will involve (although its a different kind of pressure than I faced elsewhere). I hope all have a lovely and sexually hot holiday season!

So I'm trying not to be my usual slutty self in this it a relationship? We've been on four dates now. I let him kiss me on the second date and we made out on the third. For the fourth, I went up to his place for a nightcap and I let him take off my top and make love to my breasts — and then I gently stopped things, just like I nice girl. I haven't worn stockings and garters, only panty hose.

Part of me has no idea why I am doing this; all I can say is that things happened during my absence from this blog that were very intense, and I need life slow and easy for awhile. The man is a little older, handsome in a shaggy/tweedy way, tall, smart. I can feel his cock against me, pushing at the fabric of his trousers, when we kiss. I'll call him the Professor. He's very attractive — and safe. I feel bad to go through the usual lies about working for the Agriculture Department blah blah blah, but those are the rules. So I am taking it slow.

It's not fair. I can get Chad to fuck me anytime I wish. I turn him away most of the time, but sometimes I just have to get off and get fucked. I wonder what his little girlfriend, Lauren, would say if she knew? Am I a bitch for betraying another woman this way with "her man"? No. She knows what she's getting with him. He can be very appealing but he's also narcissistic in the way only a guy with a big penis can be. And if she whines about the size of his cock, doesn't give him as much sex as he needs and doesn't like get the idea. In the consensual sexual battlefield, there are no victims, only volunteers.

p.s., for you gun boys, I have a new toy: An FN Five-Seven!


fitforlife said...

Linda Sue - I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the professor and Chad. Your comments about the professor being safe is something most people are looking for- especially when you can play with a big-dicked guy like Chad at your leisure. It must be nice to have that kind of environment to play in. I hope you can enjoy your trip and have a Merry Christmas. Stay slutty- I look forward to reading more as I am new to your blog. - John

Anonymous said...

have been a lurker for some time.
1. No Federales have been given the FN 57s except those of you who work for the Dept. of the Treasury. It does not bother me much that you have outed yourself to that extent.
2. Glocks are just wrong for any other than uniformed L.E. personnel. They are always way too close to going "bang" for needing to be snatching one out of a deep, blind place of concealment in a moment of stress... imho.
I really hope that good things grow and prosper with this new guy in your life. You realize, of course, that ,as most likely in this sort of a scenario, he is a near virgin compared to your near lifelong-day to day fuckfestaval. When he finally figures out that he is being forced to pay cosmic dues to get a taste of what has been enthusiastically given away since your early 20s.... well, at that moment you will learn just how good your communication skills truly are.

Linda Sue said...

Anon: You don't know as much about me as you think. Agree totally on Glocks. The internal safety is a problem. Local law enforcement has many more self-inflicted shootings as a result than the public knows.

As for the professor, I'm not out to hurt anyone. I know how to handle carefully. My heart's been broken, too.

petunia said...

I don't see anything wrong with taking it slow with the professor. Anticipation can be lovely. Enjoy your new relationship.

Anonymous said...

There is a kind of guy who is out there and who is eager to fall deeply in love with you. There are two issues.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous... I may have misunderstood you but are you suggesting that because Linda Sue has been, as you put it, " enthusiastically [giving] away since [her] early 20s...." she is somehow at fault for saying no to the Professor???


Anonymous said...

I am not the professor or the LindaSue. I am just the stone hearted reptilian cowboy that wants to point out that if The Professor ever learns that the Linda asks him to jump thru a lot of extra hoops(compared to some recognizable bad boys and thugs - instant lays - before he gets a penis warming experience...
Our civilization is burnt bread crumbs.

Anonymous said...


If you work for Justice you don't have to say you work for "Agriculture" right?

BTW: I LOLed at the Dept. Agriculture reference... Double entendre?

Anywho... I would take your "professor" fixation as a hint and tell your bosses that it's time for you to get some desk work or "analyst" work for awhile. Always work for someone who knows ground truth and all that.

The Spec-ops call this situation going FAG (Former Action Guys). I would realize that something inside of you is saying hey there is more to life than midnight calls.

I have been a lurker for awhile on this blog... came over from kristen archives... Just reading your blog then oh what about 2+ years the time I was not as much a community activist as I am now. Back then I had an impression about what you did and it only became more solid after your choice of personal weaponry.

I like my life now not chasing bad guys. At a certain point you want(yearn?) to be more civilian and not notice at social gatherings who is packin' and who is not.

A bit of advice... listen to the non-trained part of your brain for awhile.

OH AND ANOTHER THING - don't tell ANYTHING about the past it's just better that way.

Cheryl B. said...

Sounds like the reptile has some serious hostility-to-women issues. We can sense that, and that may explain why nobody's "giving it away" to you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Reptilian Cowboy,

I am not Linda Sue or the Prof either but if a man has issues with who, when and how I chose to give "it" to, he can go warm his penis himself.


Anonymous said...

It is my fate to be mis-understood. I am an old guy now with few remaining worthwhile years. I have had a lot of quality time in the past shooting off my guns, etc., but now I can barely see the targets. All that is left to me is to hope that you youngsters can find a way to do the sex/love thing better than before.
Lindasue is a doll, imho, and the main reason I never commented - fap,fap,fap here before - fap,fap,fap is that I was always busy with other tasks while viewing her blog.
When smart, attractive young women openly prefer the man-meat of sociopathic men, our society is on a steep glide path to Uganda. The only thing that can rescue our civilization is for attractive, smart women to fuck preferentially the type of guys (some of them nerds) that actually sustain the civilization that they enjoy.
It is to laugh...

Anonymous said...

At risk of sounding feminist here... nobody seems to think the fate of the world is in jeorpardy when men fuck psychobitches who have nothing else going for them except that they can suck the chrome of a chevy.

As an African, I resent the insinuation that Uganda is anything other than an African country trying to recover from destruction caused in part by European interference.


Anonymous said...

Here is a joke.
What did they use in Zimbabwe for lighting before lard-tallow candles..
Answer: Electric light bulbs.

Anonymous said...

FiveSeven sweet, but too Buck Rogers for my taste. Enjoy slow and safe yourself.

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