Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I wish I could give you boys (and curious girls) a porno style ending to the Wendy saga, but real life doesn't work out that way.

After I brought her off, we went in my bedroom and I held her. She really seemed to love that. It's something many men just can't bring themselves to do. At some point, I took her hand and placed it on my breast while I kissed her. Then I put her hand down between my legs. My pussy was sopping wet, and she started to gently finger me while we kissed. I was shaking with arousal, stroking her hair, trying to ease her head in the direction of my crotch.

Suddenly, she jumps up and runs to the bathroom, barely shutting the door. I hear her throwing up, then the flushing of the toilet. We'd each had about one bottle of red wine between us. When she came back out, she looked green around the gills and staggered out to the living room. By the time I got there, she was dressing.

"I just can't, Linda," she said. "It's just not me. We can't ever do this again."

"Okay." I felt pussy juice running down my thigh. In a few minutes, the door closed and Wendy was gone. Another lover who will deny something ever happened between us. Sigh...I loved bringing her off and giving her some sensual lovemaking. She seemed like she needed it. I went back to bed, used my imagination and got myself off. Definitely not as much fun when you're flying solo. But I had Wendy's wonderful scent still on my face.

The next morning my headache was added to by a call from my sister, Amber.

"Justin raped me last night," she said. I wanted to say, How long has it been since you've fucked your husband? But I didn't. I just responded sympathetically and waited.

"He made me do things," Amber said. "He sodomized me!"

My headache was going away in a hurry. There's always been a bit of the voyeur in me. Did he fuck her in the ass or just make her suck him off -- with Amber one wouldn't know. Until she said, "I can barely walk. I don't know if I should go to the doctor..."

I asked her if she was bleeding. She said no. Ah, that neighborhood of Sodom.

"I think you'll be fine," I said. "But you and Justin need to get counseling."

"I've asked him to talk to Pastor Bob."

Great. Pastor Bob sounds like the name of a pedophile hiding inside a judgmental little prick who would tell Justin sex is only justified for making babies, but I'm a cynic. I asked where she was, and she said at home. Where was Justin? In the next room.

"Maybe you need to take (I named my nephews) and go be with mom and dad until things call down."

"I don't want to do that," Amber said. "I just don't know why he's always after me for, you know... It makes me feel so dirty. I just don't want to...I just don't know why he can't keep his hands off me, act like an adult and not an animal?"

I think: Well, maybe because he's a normal horny guy and you're a beautiful young woman -- definitely prettier than me, and with big boobs. It's not that I'm totally unsympathetic -- Justin's dick would definitely hurt getting sis's anal cherry.

Then, "When he...you know...as he was finishing with me...when he..."

"When he came?"

"When he came," she said. "When he came, he called our your name. He screamed and called out your name!"


Tybalt said...
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Anonymous said...

Uh oh.

A grownup would be more likely to laugh it off than anything else. Not sis, though, eh?

RIV said...

you packed a couple of neat bombs in there.

My heart goes out to the two ladies; they are both going to have a long road ahead of them.

Anonymous said...

I'm sympathetic but curious.
Have you had sex with Justin?

TC said...

The horny guy in me first thought, do your sister a favour and offer yourself to her husband he obviously wants you, then the intelligent guy in me thought this is a big mistake. I can only say that things are fucked up for your sister. As for her husband he is a prick for raping his wife and sodomising her in the process. But what horny guy who is fucking his wife hasn't also thought about fucking her sister. I know I have!

I'm sorry to say I think your sisters relationship with her husband is not heading anywhere good just by looking at what he did and her attitude to him wanting to fuck her.

You just need to be there for your sister cause she is gonna need your help.

Kate said...

That's ridiculous.

Justin needs to be slaughtered. It doesn't matter if you're horny or not- that dude needs to leave town. Rape is inexcusable.

If he wants you, he should just fuck you- you seem to have no qualms about doing so. [That's not a jab at you, it's just what's in the evidence/your history] And I mean, what with the Lieutenant being MIA, I'm sure it'd be nice.

However, what with his recent actions, both of you girls should be denying him any and all sex. Forever.


Advizor said...

If you think that she's telling the truth about him calling out Your name, then you need to have a talk with him and shut him up. Geez, what an idiot.

If she's mad at him for calling out your name, then the "rape" allegation might just be her spin to make him look bad.

But, it doesn't sound very happy for anyone.

Ben said...

Justin needs to be thrown out. very far out. by both of you. Thrown onto a floating barge of rotting refuse, never to land, sort of thrown out. If your sister is as half as smart as you are, she will put two and two together. Perhaps a little massaging of facts on your part will allow the two of you to have a sisterly connection.
Sorry, I know you are getting advice from someone you've never heard of before, but having read quite a bit of your posts, I just couldn't help myself. It comes from a good place.

hans said...

Ben, your thoughts come from a deluded space, if you think women would dump a man just because he treats them like shit. Wake up and smell the reality.
Nice guys finish last.


Why are the hot chicks often so fucked up in the head? I bet your sis mainly called out of jealousy, as he cried out your name while "raping" her.
What a dumbass(both).

Wish you luck with that clusterfuck (if only).

In my opinion your sis needs a weekend tied up on the bed, and get the stupid fucked, licked and diddled out of her. Until she doesn´t now, if shes cumming or going from all them O´s.

Ben said...

Hans I agree people make their own reality, scented or otherwise. But I also believe people can admit mistakes and move on.
Would you advise your sister to stay with this man? People can change. Even misogynist can learn to respect women.

Anonymous said...

Rape is rape and is wrong.

No matter how horny I have been, I have not forced my wife and would not do so, no matter how much I needed to have her.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the comments are almost as good as the story. I don't want to comment about the commments from people that are so removed from the situation, but I would love to hear, "the rest of the story" or. phone call. Hang in there girly! Dan

Taps said...

Wow.... you just had to add the plot twists didnt ya?

Marcus said...

There is no excuse for him raping her. Your sister needs to do do something about this. As far as his calling out your name........it's going to be interesting to see how you handle this. As always I am looking forward to your next post.

TAG said...

Not sure what to say. Sorry things with Wendy didn't work out better. As for Justin, Kate said it right. There is no excuse for rape.


MikeCindynJoe said...

Wow, Sis... that makes it kinda hard to counsel her, doesn't it?

However, the way you ended the story left me wondering what exactly offended her the most... her forcible rape or hearing your name at his climax?

Either way, it sounds like a tough situation for you sisters.

Rape? Never excusable. NEVER! It's a good thing I'm not the boss...

I'm curious to learn of your progress (both of you)


Maxie said...

Hoooo boy. That could get uggggly. My hopes for you is that you can convince sis that it's just unrequited lust and that you wouldn't touch him with a hundred foot pole.

I had a mantra when I was younger that (coincidentally enough)has made it's way back into my life recently - DENY DENY DENY.

keep us posted.