Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And now, his punishment...

As you and I could have predicted, the Lieutenant came back. As we sat on my sofa he confessed that he had a girlfriend. This was no big surprise. He almost fell over when I asked him if she wanted to join us. No, sweet young Amber (her name) doesn't know about me. He wants to keep me stashed. Not that I necessarily mind being stashed under the right circumstances. Hell, just tell me. Don't slink away for days.

I made him lick my pussy for about an hour as penance and then go away without getting off himself. I asked him if he had just fucked her and if her pussy juice was still on his cock and pubic hair -- again, shock! If that had been the case, I would have sucked him off. Much to teach this nice young man. Yes, I was in bitch mode. I'll play with him more later. In the meantime, I had a nice orgasm as I clutched his close-cropped head and ground my pussy into his face. He got into it and is learning to be a fine cunning linguist. Semper Fi.

Then, the other Amber -- my sister. I just let it lie after the first phone call. Told her they needed counseling. She should kick him out if she wants. But she's also hysterically anti-sex, so I don't know what to make of her "rape" statement. Now don't flame me over that -- I take the real charge very seriously and would cut off the testicles of any guy who tried it on me (and have a nice little combat knife to do it). But she started backtracking when I questioned her about it, and it sounds as if this wasn't rape. Fact: Amber and Justin are simply a bad match. He wants sex. She doesn't. Lord, I am glad to be living on the other side of the country.

Wendy is acting weird any time I see her. I know deep down she had fun, though.


RIV said...


I wish you can get his side on what happened and get details. My heart goes out to your sister, though; either way she believes she was raped.

Good call on the LT. for punishment. I think you might have to do that a few times.
Maybe have him come over after he does amber?

hans said...

What is it with people and hearing a women call rape.

It´s like they switch off the brainz and go into safe the desecrated holy vaggy mode.
I´m sure Linda would be wearing dumbasses balls around her neck by now, if there was any real merit to it.
So glad for you, that the freak show is on the other side of the country.

Interesting development with the LT. Again we´ll see if he´s got some real balls to fess up. And if his missus is of the typical bitchy territorial variety.

Good luck on Wendy. :/

Anonymous said...

The mind is an deep and unknown commodity to ponder. It can heighten and it can hinder what the physical enjoys.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Linda Sue waited before passing sentence on the brother-in-law.

Who knows what really takes place in other people's marriages and bedrooms? Yes, Amber was genuinely upset and claimed she was raped. So let's take her claim seriously and at least withhold judgment until we know more.

Upon further reflection, what do you know, she's not clear if it was rape? And no one's yet asked Justin for his side of the story. If he says no, it didn't happen, then what?

Jesus, it really is Taliban-style justice here in the USA.


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