Friday, January 7, 2011

Ooops. Please vote again

I meant for people to be able to select multiple answers! #$@%#! technology.
— Linda Sue


Anonymous said...

My best ones are always self induced.

Nothing else comes close to having that self feedback to be able to stop or start again at just the right moment, no communication required.

Don't get me wrong, I like partner sex way better, I just get the best orgasms from myself.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it is so true, just as Anonymous (Jan 7, 2:31 PM) said, I am alone with my left hand, while in my imagination my wife is moaning in orgasmic ecstasy with cocks in all holes, soon to be covered in cum...

Slider said...

The longer we can drag out the anticipation, the better it is.

Cicero said...

You guys must be kidding right? You get a better orgasm from masturbation! That is pretty nuts I mean I love rubbing one out as much as the next man but I would never trade it in for a real woman.

Myself the more I anticipate it the better, especially if the woman is dressing sexy and is flaunting her sexuality. Also small things like dirty talk and oral go a long way in building a powerful orgasm.

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