Monday, March 22, 2010

Returning to the lifestyle club

It had been an especially unrequited horny winter until my friend Chris visited from Seattle. He knows my kink side, and I knew our time together wouldn't be taken up with conventional fucking. He used to work in D.C. and still has friends here. He persuaded me to go to a "party" on Friday night. But I could tell this was not going to be the usual dull District cocktail do. So I put on my sartorial sex armor under a long black dress, just in case I was right.

I was. We drove out to a large, pleasant house in the suburbs. The party consisted of six other couples, all well-dressed professionals. But my first hint that this would be different was when Chris said we would only use first names, and given my work, I should use a nomme de eros. I picked "Amber." Introductions were made and we had delightful cocktails and light conversation. Then the hostess, "Robin," a conservatively dressed, creamy skinned blonde, said, "Let's go into the playroom and get to know each other better."

I've been to one lifestyle club before, when I was much younger. Now I was once again the youngest person present (Chris, too), or at least I looked it. As we walked through the house, I could feel the men watching me move. We came to a large room with sectional sofas and futons on the floor. Everybody started taking off their clothes. I slipped off my dress revealing sheer black stockings, garter belt, and a black corset that pushed up my breasts. Most of the people knew each other and got together regularly -- they were anticipating the fresh meat.

I sat on a sofa while Chris ravished his friend "Robin" with kisses. They were still standing and his cock stuck out straight, bobbing insistently against her light dusting of blond-brown pubic hair. Pretty soon, he had her down on a futon and was fucking her missionary style, while her husband looked on. He's good, and I could see she was enjoying the attention from this younger man. Other people paired up -- all the married couples were making out with someone else. For a moment, I felt like the ugly duckling at the eighth-grade dance, not sure what to do next.

This was solved for me when a torso with an erect eight-inch cock was presented to me. I looked up and saw, "Andrew," the distinguished gentleman from the other room, looking at me with a lewd smile. I took him in my hand and started slowly stroking his cock. The shaft was thick and the head prominent. I took it in my mouth for a few tantalizing sucks, then licked it like a lollipop while holding his hips with both my hands.

The next thing I knew, I was down on the carpet with that dick being pushed into me. He was not one for finesse, and even though he had paused to put on a condom, he shoved right into me. It hurt and felt great at the same time, and I cried out. This only made his face light up in a kind of a scary way. I knew I was in for it, but not how much. Looking around, I could see the other couples had stopped and were sitting, watching us. Some of the men were stroking their cocks. He threw my legs up over his shoulders and started fucking me with deep, hard stokes. It was banging into my cervix and I made the mistake of telling him, saying, "slow down, baby." "Oh, no, Amber's going to get fucked," he panted, pounding me even harder. Chris and "Robin" watched with smiles on their faces -- Chris knowing my sometime submissive side.

My legs were next pinned inside his elbows so I felt truly trapped, my ass now high in the arm, his breath coming down on me hot, his big balls slapping against my hips, his strength totally overpowering me. My pussy was making so much lubrication that I could hear the noise of our fucking. My usual pre-orgasm feelings were absent. I was just being taken, being fucked like hell. Then my world just exploded. I heard a loud, animal-like scream -- it was me. My feet were suddenly hot and I saw colors and white dots at the edge of my eyes. My pussy was contracting like crazy, my whole pelvis was on fire, and I kept screaming and moaning, then bawling. It was one of the most amazing orgasms of my life -- is there such a thing as a cervical orgasm? He grunted and came in me. Somewhere in all the athletic pounding the condom had broken, so I could feel his semen spurting deep in me. He pulled out immediately and I was just left there on the carpet, my arms splayed out, still weeping and moaning.

Two of the women, "Lisa" and "Carrie," came over and held me. Both were brunettes in their late 40s, and pretty soon they were kissing me and caressing my very sore body. "Lisa" got between my legs and started licking Andrew's come out of me, and giving my pussy lips and clit a gentle going over. I started heating up and could feel my contractions starting again. "Carrie" sucked my nipples, then sat on my face and I eagerly tongue-fucked her. She had an "inny" pussy with small lips, but pretty soon I was hitting all the right spots and she let out a long, low moan and ground her pelvis against me as she came.

Another man was fucking "Lisa" by the time I came up for air, and Chris was back at it with "Robin" doggy style. "Robin" came quickly, a screamer, and an "I'm coming!" screamer at that. "Robin's" husband was being serviced on the sofa by another woman. There wasn't any recovery time for poor "Amber" (me) -- but at least I made it to a futon before being fucked doggy style by three different men in succession, and every one of them taking his time to enjoy me. One had an upward-curving cock, which was an interesting feeling. I just kept my head down and let them do the work -- I was still wasted from my cervical orgasm. I licked "Debra" -- a redhead with a nice pussy and full bush (but not a natural red like moi) while "Tom" fucked me from behind with his uncircumcised dick. And tried to suck "Eric" while being fucked from behind, but I didn't bring him off.

The last man fucking me while I was on my knees pulled out suddenly and pushed into my ass, just lubricated by my pussy juice and the semen, and came inside my anus. Thank God he was small. (And KY and clean wipes had helpfully been provided). Semen dribbled out of my ass, mingling with my pussy drippings. Somewhere along the way, the corset went away... The hostess had towels we could sit on once we were sharing bodily fluids.

And so it went. I sucked two cocks to orgasm and got fucked three more times, including by Andrew, with me on top this time, giving him my corkscrew move and making him come sooner than he wanted, and by another man very gently, slowly, my legs wrapped around him, and holding me afterward. I gave the hostess a nipplegasm" sucking those fair firm breasts. The room smelled of pussy and semen. The swingers especially liked me because I was open to pretty much anything.

But turnabout was fair play. As we sat and nursed our drinks and some snacks, waiting to go again, I dared Chris to suck off one of the men. He turned deep red and shook his head. Everybody started chanting "Chris...Chris...Chris...!" The women came over and started loving on him, while also holding him down on the sofa. Pretty soon, macho Andrew bent down and started sucking Chris's dick. And Chris didn't complain long.

Andrew had by far the best recovery time in the room, and his cock was hard again in no time. "Now it's your turn," he commanded, and Chris, as if in a trance, got on his knees and started sucking Andrew off. The woman gave advice. But I think Chris was just thinking, "What would I like if I were getting my cock sucked?" So pretty soon he was into it, right down to stroking Andrew's balls and shaft as he sucked.

Those balls were bottomless, or so it seemed, when Andrew's eyes rolled back in his head and he let out a loud moan. Chris didn't stand a chance because Andrew was holding down his head like some college boys had done to me. I could see him swallowing as fast as he could, but Andrew shoved into his throat, making his gag, and a long string of thick come was hanging out of his mouth when Andrew let him up. As if to make heterosexual amends, "Carrie" sat him on the sofa and rode him to another orgasm.

We drove home mostly in silence, having gotten more than we bargained for. But even though I would be sore for days, I felt great. If this was "middle age," include me.

"I'm not gay," my young man said at one point, his tongue and palate still sounding as if they had semen sticking to them. I remembered the first time a man had come in my mouth: the taste, the feeling, the sense of it in my stomach.

I patted his no-longer-virginal mouth. "Neither am I."


roosterball said...

My lady and I are swingers. Being pounded senseless by a big cock is not cool with her. She has a regular fuck buddy with an enormous cock, long AND thick, who is, as he describes himself, a slow stroker. He's a young recent college grad-full ride from a football scholarship. His particular style of fucking is, just as he describes it, long slow deep strokes. She LOVES it! Since being fucked by him semi-regularly for the past year, she no longer cares for the brutish pounding you endured. We do love us a good house party though. Glad you had fun sweety.

Marcia said...

OMG. You are braver than me. But so hot. Maybe I'll go ahead and give in to my husband's desire to do this. But I keep warning him: He might not really like it, seeing me fucked by another man, especially better endowed, and really loving it!

What do you think, Roosterball?

Anonymous said...

I had to go home early from work and jerk off. Thanks, "Amber" ;-)

Scorpio said...

I'm thinking I need to find my way to one of these house parties. Wow.

Volman said...

All I can say is "Damn", that was so erotic. Sounds like you had fun..."Amber"
I wish I had a friends like you and Chris.

Cruelbfair said...

Very hot, thanks for your continued contributions to my spank bank.

You may with to check out the attached piece from Playboy Magazine on cervical orgasms. Oh, yeah, I read it for the articles.

Anonymous said...

Marcia, you're right. My guy was after me to try swinging and he didn't like seeing me fucked by other men. We had a big fight 2 bad! I liked it.

Anonymous said...

Very hot.

roosterball said...

Well Marcia, Linda Sue has been to these things before and as we've all read is a bit of a freak. I consider myself a fellow traveler so I'm not making fun of her just pointing out that swinging (the Lifestyle) is not for everyone. But if you wanna give it a try, it's necessary to jump into the deep end. Start with what we call soft swap. Soft swap is usually oral play only. Find a candidate you and your husband agree on and blow him and see how that goes.

If your really that interested, google around for some books and resources about the topic. But I can tell you this most people either love it or hate and you'll know right away, AND, if you both don't take to it, then its probably not for you.

roosterball said...

Sorry Marcia, that should've said, it's NOT necessary to jump into the deep end.

Anonymous said...

The racial baiting, and borderline lack of consent you're describing, along with the lack of safety make this story hard to take. I hope it is only fantasy.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I dipped our toes in when it became clear she and a co-worker had crushes on each other, and I wanted to see my wife fuck another man. It was both painful and highly arousing at the same time to see her get fucked and really love it -- and yes, he was bigger and more skilled than me. Hard to describe all the feelings. But in the end, I mostly liked it. When he was fucking her from behind and she took me in her mouth, I was so aroused that I came almost immediately. I'd like to invite in a woman, but lack the opportunities that come my wife's way.

BadGirlJennifer said...

Hot stuff, Linda. You don't disappoint me. I get the whole submissive thing, and when I want it that way, nothing makes me come harder.

hans said...

Hot Stuff, as always from our favorite slut.

BTW, be aware fellas that swinging IS in effect much more for the women. We delude ourselves assuming that new cock for them is the same as new pussy to us, but it all can backfire horribly.

Especially when they get serviced by a young stud who really sperms them good, much better than you ever will be able to and with "higher grade" semen.

Female sperm addiction is much more than just an urban myth. Eventually you´ll find out how much "your woman" thinks with her box, when she gets a steady high quality dose, that´s not yours.

roosterball said...

I don't want to start a flame war but, please folks, don't believe what Hans just said.

BadGirljennifer said...

I'm addicted to sperm of all ages ;-0

Anonymous said...

Maybe Hans could provide a little more detail and information. Sounds intriguing (as a young stud myself)

Anonymous said...

OH my God baby. Thank you for sharing. Glad Chris finally got a fun taste of his deep down bi side. That's an amazing story. One of your best, in my opinion.

Ms. Kathy said...

I did dive in the deep end with my hubby. OMG. I do it now every week! Variety is the spice of life.

hans said...

Here ya go anonymous young stud, tips how to keep your sauce fresh:

Good Stuff In, Good Stuff Squirting Out

Smoking = Pond Scum Semen

Sorry(not really) to burst your bubble roosterball. But just because you haven´t got a clue about your woman´s body agenda to get the impregnated by the best semen, doesn´t mean the rest of us have to live in ignorance.

hans said...

Crap. Botched the last link.

As to anonymous cuckold hubby. The reason you "lack the opportunities" is because women are not looking your way and you´re not making them happen.
Once the economy picks up I dimly see divorce papers in your hands, while the X will happily screw one bad boy after the other with you paying for it.


Cuckoldery the fetish for winners.

Anonymous said...

It has been awhile but certainly worth the wait! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Pure fantasy. Been to many lifestyle parties. Doesnt happen this way. Condoms always in use. Male-male contact almost never seen. Etc etc

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