Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Younger men, scheming a 3-some, older women

Playing with Chad. Sometimes when he sleeps, I watch him with his lean, young body and his youthful face and I think: God, this is strange. I'm soon to turn 40 and here I am in bed with this...boy. Just a random thought. But when I wake him with a blowjob and see that magnificent cock spring to life, all those adult thoughts go away.

I've never been a deep-throater. I know some men get off on that, but my gag reflex is too sensitive. He seems very happy to have me get about a third of him in my mouth, then lick his shaft all over, then suck his head while I jerk him off with my hand, then use the other one to stroke his balls. He really likes this. If he's fucking me on top, I reach around and stroke his tight sack and in just a few moments he's shaking and moaning and then coming. Love all that come, whether it's in my pussy or my stomach. Older men have their charms, but generating lots of semen isn't one of them.

Chad is a gentle lover and I want to reinforce this with him. He could really hurt a girl. He could drive them off. In fact, he told me about a girl his age who saw his penis and called the whole thing off right there. She was too afraid to have him inside her. I keep trying different positions, but still can't get him all the way inside. Just can't. Oh, but it feels least once we get going. It does hurt at first, every time. It's like I am revirginating. I tilt my pelvis and relax and take more in. I've tried different tilts as he fucks me from behind. Still can't take him all. He's not complaining. My best move is riding him, with me almost up on his belly and my legs trailing behind. That way I can be in total contact, but take as much of him as I can, riding up and back, over and over. I couldn't just sit on him.

I am scheming. What about a threesome with Wendy? Oh, my sweet friend is both fragile and growing more and more adventurous. She is getting horny now that she's really having orgasms and realizing sex can be pleasurable for her. I may broach this.

Readers ask. What's my favorite penis length. I like them all. Honestly -- and I mean this -- what's attached to the cock is what's most important. A man who is: intelligent; giving; communicative; interested in me and the world; can talk about books and ideas, and if I wish, take me out to the symphony dressed to the nines (and enjoy it). Sure, I've played with bad boys, but everybody has their deviant streak. An old lover, a college professor, sometimes bedded university (female) cops with high-school diplomas. As a lover, he must be giving -- must really be into giving me pleasure, especially orally. He must be loving, as in holding me after I come. This is possible in all shapes and sizes. All things considered, I'd take a thick eight-incher (which is well bigger than average, contrary to what you see on the Web). But it often doesn't work that way. Many guys with big cocks think all they have to do is show up. Some of my very best lovers have been average and even smaller, but highly skilled.

Readers ask. They're young men who want to bed older women. The appeal is real: Older women are often more sensual; they're past their "I'm the center of the universe" solipsism of young things; they're open to sexual pleasure. First thing: Don't break their hearts. It's a long way down at our age. Be honest about what you're after. Generally, these women will want "mature" young men -- guys who like women, who are good listeners and communicators, who are smart and read books, who clean up well and can dress better than ghetto hoods. In bed, they want someone who will give pleasure, not just take. Many have been through selfish marriages, with a guy who just humps them. Learn to love giving oral sex to a woman. She can tell if you love it. And she will reward you. Often intellectual guys have only or predominantly had older lovers until their reach their thirties -- the women their age when they are 18 or 25 just aren't interested; but the older women are. Be careful if she's still married; it may be a great match -- she's not going to want to marry you and you can be her boy toy, but make sure she can be discreet, and hubby is at a safe distance. As I say, be gentle and honest. Enjoy!


Hubman said...

Seems like he would blow Wendy's mind!

Even at my age (39) there is the appeal of an older woman...

hans said...

Mmh Wendy is still an "item?

A bit deviant of you, to plan corrupting her a bit more (hehe), but then again all three of you are old enough.

Keep us posted.

What I most like and adore about your blog is the honesty. Glad you didn´t turn totally snobbish size queen on us.

Females only too often exploit this part of the anatomy ruthlessly in shaming attacks, well knowing what you just stated.
Always nice to get a reality check, and honest female experience now and then.

Linda (Anne) said...

You guys need to get over the size thing. And stop using it as an excuse when maybe you need to learn some more sophisticated social skills -- or go after different women (not the size 2 cheerleader types).

I really can't handle more than average size without a lot of discomfort. And I really do look at the whole guy -- not just his penis. Most of you would find me attractive.

Being a good kisser, knowing how to touch and heat me up -- like Linda says, be a great, giving pussy eater -- make me feel special. Much more important. But before any of that, be able to talk about more than sports or your job. Show genuine interest in me.

One of my best lovers was a disabled man who could rarely even get an erection. So it's more than that.

From Fantasy to Fruition said...

Great post - well-thought and expressed! Glad you're enjoying your younger man. My wife is 10 yrs older than I - we've been together 6 yrs now, and when things are great, there's nothing that compares! (every once in a while the difference can cause some tension too though)

Anonymous said...

Anal with him?

rocketman said...

As an "average" guy, I found this entry very encouraging - as long as I refrain from comparing myself to the Godzilla you're currently fucking. ;)

Jasmine said...

I'll be entering college soon and I love all those things in a guy as well. I hope I'll be able to find him before an older lovely lady like yourself does haha.

P.s. I love your blog new to it and I'm starting from the beginning.

Blogger said...