Monday, January 5, 2009

It's 2009!

New Year's resolutions. Hmmmmm...
1. Seek out a committed relationship and make sure sex is always connected to love. Wow. That's not wholly up to me, so I don't really think I can sign on. And the love = sex stuff is bullshit, pardon my unladylike langauge. I guess I have "loved" every man I ever slept with, after my fashion. But in many cases, my pure sex lovers have gotten the best of me, and me of them. How could I settle for a loving relationship that didn't include lots of great, adventurous, passionate sex. And how could I keep from being bored?

2. Seek out a younger stud to help me deal with turning 39 and getting older. Young and strong and willing to learn. I can do this.

3. Seek out a sophisticated, cultured, brainy older man who is a skilled and giving lover. Ooooo...I can do this one, too.

4. Have another affair with a girl. I have really been wanting to scratch this itch.

5. Get into more sex talks with my women friends and share their adventures with you. Most of the time, they're turned on by the long as I don't use their last names.

6. Play high-class call girl some night. God, I'd love to. But it would break about a million regs and I really want to keep my job.

7. No fishing off the Company pier. No way, no how.

8. Try to blog more for you, dear readers.


Paulie said...

39.. a perfect sexual peak.

I hope you're enjoying it Linda. It sure as hell sounds like you are.

Beth said...

I'm 39 and just divorced from the only lover I ever had. So you're my inspiration, girl!