Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Be careful what you wish for

I ran into an old friend from my twenties. I'll call her Kerry to protect the innocent. As with many people, Kerry just sees me as Linda with the dull government job. We were pretty well-lubricated (with booze, ye dirty minds) when she opened up about the breakup of her marriage a few years back.

I first knew her when she was married to...let's call him Dave. They owned a nice gallery in Georgetown (Kerry is from money) and were a fun couple to hang out with. Kerry has perfectly straight blond hair, a killer figure and knows just how to dress to be sexy without being slutty. Dave was chiseled handsome, the perfect product of an Ivy. I was never particularly attracted to him. But Kerry tells me now that he really wanted to fuck me. He asked if she would invite me to join them in a threesome.

Kerry had never done anything like that before, and automatically said no. She also seems like a woman who would have absolutely no interest in another female -- her loss. Anyway, I feigned shock and sympathy -- all the while thinking about what an fun tryst it would have been. I knew them through a combination dry spell and flings with Bad Men. I could have used a little loving.

Still, Dave kept pestering her. But she countered with a threesome involving two men. Dave backed away from that, but confessed that he had a fantasy to see another man fuck his pretty blond wife. At this point, I am thinking this sounds like one of those delicious stories on the Kristen Archives, but I just sipped my martini and listened. Kerry let it drop, but obviously it was like dropping crumbs in front of birds for Dave. He kept bringing it up. Finally, she decided to call his bluff. And she warned him, he might not like it. "I would just have died to watch him make love to another woman."

I think by this time their marriage was starting to get shaky anyway -- why do people get married in their twenties when they don't even know who the hell they are yet? An older man had been putting the moves on Kerry for some time. So one night she took him to a bar and popped the question. And not being a damned fool, he said, oh, yes! I wish I could have gotten lots of gory details, but alas, she was mostly ladylike. She did aver that it was the best fucking of her young life, and they did "everything" -- including things that she had never done for Dave. After the man left, they had a huge fight, him accusing her of being a slut, etc. Guys can be so stupid when they underestimate how unbalanced sexual power is.

Sadly, she didn't sound hot reliving the story, so I kept it low-key. I did tell her I had been a couple of threesomes and would highly recommend it. She smiled and said she's think about it.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps, the young husband should have watched and learned a valuable lesson about keeping his wife happy.

Southern Swinger said...

Threesomes are great. We enjoy MFM as well as FMF

Perplexed said...

So my problem with this is the whole "she did things with him she didn't even do with her husband."

That part would bug me. If my wife doesn't swallow for me, but swallows some new guy, if she takes it up the ass for him, but never for me -- then we have problems.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised "she did things with him she didn't even do with her husband..."

When I dated and then married my first wife, she had a drawer full of very sexy lingerie. But she never wore it for me. There was always an excuse.

Our sex consisted of missionary once every ten days or so -- not even a variation in the way she held her legs. I can only imagine what the men she wore the lingerie for were able to get her to do. Obviously I wasn't her type. Most marriages devolve into business partnerships.

Anonymous said...

When I joined a couple for some MFM fun where it was there first time, I did all I could to delay hubby getting his rocks off.

For some guys, the fun of seeing wifey fuck another man disappears the moment he has an orgasm. Then all his "normal" feelings and attitude reassert themselves -- what the hell was I thinking that I wanted to see another man to fuck my wife and mother of my children?

-- Cash

megalips63 said...

Dave should have expected them to do something he had never, it was to prove a point on her part. "It was the best fucking of her young life." Wow, she couldn't have hidden that from Dave. Certainly he must have felt inadequate.

Anonymous said...

Since I started dating until today, I have never had anyone, not a single woman, be completely faithful. Every single one of my girl fiends, my first wife and my current wife of 10 years, has had an extra experience with sex outside or on top of the time we have been together. Sometimes I have known about it, sometimes I have discovered it later through friends and sometimes they have confessed. I have quit being surprised. I have just learned to deal with it.

From my perspective, the phrase "once cheated on, always cheated on" speaks powerfully to me. I have always felt completely attracted to independent strong women, women who can take care of themselves and make their own decisions. Even though their decisions and independence put them in powerful positions to lead their lives in full and me in danger of experiencing conflicted emotional turmoil; feeling of some sort of loss and then success when I win her back. I remain convinced that I don't own them, I guess obviously.

All of this has put me in an intensely sexual roller coaster ride that has no end that is now repeating itself. I will admit the feeling of winning her back after her indiscretions are very powerful for me.My first girlfriend noticed how much fun it was to have makeup sex. She was honest and admitted to all the specific details of her outside activities after first I discovered her cheating. I guess I too found the makeup sex was passionate, exhilarating, even intoxicating. Since then I have always been honest with my girlfriends and wives. I always have shared that other women have cheated on me, that I have been faithful and always worked to win them back and tried to make the relationship a success. I am proud of this as proof that I am committed to her happiness.

I do keep my current wife "busy" and we are active, but the moments of indiscretion persist, followed by discovery and unbelievable makeup sex. The die seems cast to repeat itself and as I said, I have learned to deal with it. I am beginning to wonder if I even enjoy the cheating. Am I doing the right thing?

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