Monday, February 25, 2008

Why Linda Sue loves doggy

What is it about men and doggie-style? My new lover is no different. He loves to take me from behind, especially to finish our love-making that way. Often he does it after he's brought me off in another position -- but then he wants me on my knees, my ass high, my head down low.

I've never known a man who wasn't wildly attracted to the position. It started with my very first lover. Some of my long-lasting athletes -- the ones who can even withstand my killer pelvis oscillation that makes lesser men lose it -- these guys come quickly once they're fucking me from behind. I've asked men about it. They love seeing a woman's ass, they say. They love seeing her head down, the length of her back, her ass so inviting. I also think there's something about the savage vulnerability and anonymity about the position.

For me, that cuts two ways. I can get into those two things, too, in the right mood. Sometimes, while my real lover pounds into me, I fantasize that a beautiful man I saw on the street is fucking me, or I am being taken by a man who I've been attracted to. Sometimes I have other fantasies. But it can get scary. And it's less intimate. I love to fuck face-to-face and hold each other for dear life.

I do appreciate a man who knows how to fuck doggie. Yes, there's a time to drive right in and rut like animals. Oh, but I love a man who takes his time...caresses my ass and the backs of my thighs. He eases his cock into me, especially if it's thick. He slowly enters me and lets me adjust to him. But he knows when to surprise me too...after those teasing short strokes, he drives it in with such force that my head is forced forward into the mattress.

He fucks me with variety and creativity. I've had lovers who had this magical move of swiveling their hips so their cock enters from slightly different angles, feels like it's hitting parts of my pussy that aren't really stimulated when it's just thrusting straight in and out. I'm a sheet-grabber and a screamer for the right lover. He knows how long to long and it can get uncomfortable. He keeps varying the rhythm and the pace, the depth. I feel his large, warm strong hands on my ass, my back, my legs. I can tell how into me he is. He talks dirty and so do I, urging him on. My pussy contracts joyfully.

He comes violently. This position, done right, never lets a man be the strong, silent (boring) type. I love to make men scream. I feel his come spurt heavily inside me. He falls forward and I do, too, and we lie there.

Of course, a cock in that position always wants to go an inch higher. But that's a story for another day.


figleaf said...

"...a cock in that position always wants to go an inch higher. But that's a story for another day."

Well, not *always.* To be honest, while I think anal sex is perfectly nice I generally don't associate it with "doggy" style.

Which term, incidentally, was coined by the same people who came up with "missionary." Their intention being to shame people out of doing it that way. Anyway, there are 4,629 currently recognized species of mammals, nearly all of which have intercourse the same way, that are more glamorous than "doggies." Including people. But I digress... :-)

Anyway, the point being that while yes, rear-entry vaginal intercourse is awfully darn nice at least for men (and for a sizable number of women), most of the things that make it so nice don't actually translate all that well to anal, including, especially, how slow and careful you have to be.

Anyway, if I were to work my way back into anal intercourse again I'd probably prefer to do it face, to face, possibly with her on top.

Finally, I'm not exactly sure what the deal is, but just the other day someone else mentioned -- in class, though admittedly during a discussion of positions for vanilla intercourse -- that the variation where she's lying on her stomach with her legs together and him straddling her that afterwards she just doesn't want to move. I've noticed that with partners as well. But, as you mention, it's *fiendishly* hard for me not to come almost right away that way.

Cool post, Linda Sue.


Anonymous said...

That was an extremely erotic post. Well done, I enjoyed it a lot!

Pete from Cal said...

what man can resist the back view of a woman prostrating with her ass high in the air facing him and the smooth length of her back while her lovely breasts are hanging... forgive us, we're only human... :)

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