Friday, January 4, 2008

The night I was initiated on Frat Row

I recently read a piece in the New York Times about a woman who lost her virginity at a fraternity "ledge party." This party school tradition involves having sex with a woman where others, such as frat brothers, can watch from the window ledge. She was traumatized, especially by the shunning reaction of her sorority sisters.

I shunned the frat scene in college. I was a stuck-up precious-little-thing National Merit Scholar, who would never deign to slum along fraternity row, much less hang out with women in sororities. But one night I found myself at a party, at a frat house, and it produced one of my most memorable adventures.

There was dancing and pot and booze and ecstasy, and I probably did all of them, before ending up dancing without music with this very handsome boy from LA. He was the classic tall, dark and handsome (TDH). I was only a few months from losing my virginity and had a steady boyfriend. I was also imbued with all my family's hangups about sex, so the assumption was that I would marry boyfriend. My body was buying none of this.

Just being close to TDH made me drenching wet and I was sure the whole room could smell my pussy. As we danced and rubbed against each other, he kept running his hands up my thighs, going under the micro-mini I had worn to the party. My head was spinning.

Next thing I knew he was fucking me. I was vaguely aware he had taken me downstairs in the frat house, to a basement where there was a mattress. There were no preliminaries; not that I was complaining. I remember being on my back, watching my panties come off as if in an out-of-body experience, a bulbous red cock head. As he pushed into me, I gasped...I was now definitely back in my own body. He fucked me hard as I moaned and whimpered and called his name. It felt very naughty and rebellious to be calling a name other than my steady's. TDH's cock felt different, thicker, and he fucked with a disinterested abandon that was very unlike my steady's gentleness. He raised my legs up over his shoulders and fucked me more. It felt amazing, this new wonderful position.

He grunted and pulled out, and I could feel his semen tricking out of my pussy and down my ass. Without even a kiss goodbye, TDH disappeared. I lay there panting, high out of my mind, my legs still wide open. Then I felt the mattress sag and looked up to see a new face. He was black, with a broad, muscular chest and dreadlocks. Somehow I knew him.

The next thing I knew I screamed in pain. I really felt like I was being split open. He didn't notice but started fucking me with long, deep strokes. My pussy adapted, the first time I was surprised by the amazing shape-changing ability of this wonderful body part, and this huge cock started to feel good. Then it started to feel really good! I raised my knees and rested my ankles on his back as he fucked me. I came and lost time and he was gone.

About this time, I realized I'd better get the hell out of there. So I pulled down my come-soiled miniskirt, put on my shoes and stood up, just in time for a huge glob of two men's mingled semen to flow out of my pussy down my legs. The basement smelled like semen. Even on the wobbly walk back to my dorm, come kept running down my legs.

I later learned a few fun facts. Boys had been watching me get fucked from the stairway; more were ready to gang-bang Linda Sue had I not beat a hasty exit, and the black guy was a star football player. Oh, and they filmed it with a cam corder. It's probably out there on the Web (I'm the innocent teen redhead with her legs wrapped around the frat boys).

I should have slunk away in shame. (And, yes, let me add the obvious that real date rape is horrible; but I was there of my own choice and knew, kind of, what I was getting into). Instead, I felt very horny and very liberated. There was no way I was going to marry steady and move to some boring-ass suburb. I knew I had begun my life in the sisterhood of sluts.


Larry said...

This is just about the hottest thing I have ever read.

TJ said...

they were pigs at least you had fun
I would have loved on you all nite long, baby.

Amber said...

I was gang-banged at a frat house when I was 18. I was young and stupid, and I don't have any sexy memories. I just remember one after the other, they all felt and smelled the same. I never told my husband after we married. Now, years later, it seems very arousing to remember. But maybe that has something to do with my husband's not touching me for months on end.

Anonymous said...

This makes me want to cry.

Anonymous said...

I had a pretty wild time in college, too. My favorite time was when my boyfriend and I were partying with a friend of his. Now, my boyfriend didn't know I had a crush on his friend. So we get pretty wasted, and pretty soon I said, "What are we doing with our clothes on!" So we all got naked and you can imagine what happened. Two men to myself all night. Not only was the boyfriend not jealous, but he was hoping it might happen. The friend thought he'd died and gone to heaven.

daddychef said...

I am sorry for those who feel trama from this happening to them ....But on the other hand Linda you describe a night I had with a friend of mine from her night she spent on a dare in the Sigma Chi house at my college.

Anonymous said...

I was in the Greek scene and partied a lot, and lots of stuff happened. Many of the girls involved were game and knew exactly what they were getting into. They were just as horny as we were. Some were truly victims, and that's sad. But we were all young and stupid. Now it would be a scandal and some of the guys would be in jail. I guess some of them would deserve it. But I have some great memories, and some of the women do, too!

The Fellatio Artist & The Geek said...

Well, with all due respect (as I think you covered well in your post) to those who had any experiences like this not of their choosing or that remember traumatically I think this sounds like a fun sexy memory to have had.

My wife was a bit of a party girl and most likely had some drunken encounters that she actually sort of wishes she remembers just for the memory bank.

It is your memory and your delight to recall. nice post, good detail..

I in my younger days watched from many a ledge anbd without permission tacit or otherwise, so I throw no stones. I wonder sometimes about the internet and such things. I think in some ways the ability to harmlessly voyeur others experiences as they choose to share them reduces rather than exacerbates predatory urges. (I hope)..:)

-The Geek

The Fury said...

while these men obviously acted like pigs, I can say that I've often wondered about what went on in some of those Frat houses I passed on campus. I especially wondered when the lithe little Linda Sue's would regale their "hook ups" on Monday morning in class. There's a thin line between lust & rape. I'm happy you enjoyed your experience. It's definitely a hot story.

Anonymous said...

I'm the house mother at our local college. I got a little tipsy at a pre party planner with the pres, vice pres, treasurer, secretary, sergeant of arms. We all were having so much fun I forgot myself and came on to the pres and it just spread like wildfire. The next thing I knew I had a cock up my ass my pussy down my throat and in each hand. We all agreed this can never happen again... it's our little secret. Problem is I came so wonderfully I'm not sure I can resist a repeat.

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Anonymous said...

I’ve always had a thing about dating women that liked sex and were easy. I would have loved hearing about my wife getting fucked really good by black guys. I tried to talk her into doing it while I watch but it never happened. I would have loved seeing him make her cum as his friends waited. But then I’m a pervert so if she was high I would have been okay with that too.