Thursday, July 28, 2016

Tell me your naughtiest true story

You've been reading my true adventures for years. Now it's your turn. In the comments section, tell me your kinkiest, most shameful, forbidden, secret sex adventure. The only rule is that is has to be true.

I'll kick it off with this letter from a reader:

It was in the winter of 1981.  I know this because I recall it was about a month and a half after John Lennon was shot in NYC.  As project manager I was finishing the construction of a large industrial furnace in the Mobile, Alabama, area.  The job was complete except for the trial shakedown phase and turning over to the customer.  It had been a long job and my crew had returned to Houston with the exception of one technician, a young man named Tim (I don't remember his last name) who was about 15 years younger than I was.  At that time I was 38 years old.  Tim was a diminutive young dude about 5'4" or so and weighed maybe 130 pounds.  For that reason he had the nickname "Munchkin".  We had both been away from without a break for at least two weeks and it was Friday night and we were scheduled to drive the company truck back to Houston the next day.  (It could have been Saturday evening/night but it was one of those two days.)  I was also separated from my wife at the time.  Tim had a girlfriend (young with a nice body).  I knew Munchkin mostly from work and had never done any partying with him, but I knew him well enough to be comfortable around him.

Mobile is often warm or at least temperate in February and this was one of those nights, somewhere in the mid-50 degree range.  Of course the sun went down early, so the nights were long.  Downtown Mobile had some interesting bars and at least one brothel in '81.  The brothel was called the "55 Club" because you went into the bar on the ground floor and talked to the girls.  If things were "right" between you and the lady, the bartender was handed $55 cash and that got you the basic service upstairs above the bar.  The standard fare was a blowjob or straight vaginal sex.  Anything "special" would cost more and was negotiated directly with the lady.  Tips were expected and regular customers were known to be either good tippers or cheapskates.  I had visited the place two times (I think, might have been three, but I didn't have a lot of cash) just to keep my seminal vessels drained.

In any case, after Munchkin and I got some dinner, he, mostly, wanted to go downtown and get a blow job.  He was emphatic that he needed some relief.  So I drove to the 55 Club.  Just as we pulled into the parking lot, a station wagon with three girls pulled in and as we got out of the company truck (the truck had a magnetic sign on the side which we had removed and put behind the seat) and shouted at us in so many words that they were hooking and could give us a better deal than the 55 Club.  All we had to do was to follow them to the Quality Inn (might have been the Best Western) on the Airport Road.  So we took off following them for a ride of about 5 miles.

When we got to the motel parking lot, the girls climbed out of the wagon.  We were all wearing light jackets except for one of the girls who was wearing a long lightweight overcoat.  She opened her coat to reveal a plump round preggo belly and she said with a laugh:  "I got caught."  One of the girls was tall about 5' 10 and the other two about "standard" height, say 5'5 or 5'6.  I am about 5' 8 which makes me on the short side and I really like tall girls, so I kind of wanted the tall one.

As it turned out, the tall girl, who let's say since my memory is not absolute on this, called herself "Joy" and the other non-pregnant girl called herself "Pam."  I'm sure that those were not their names, but who cares.  The preggo girl never said her name, or I don't remember.  When we got to their room it became immediately obvious that the tall girl, Joy, wanted the Munchkin.  She was about the same age as the Munchkin and was almost gushing over him.  Later she purred that "He's so cute, I just want to take him home."  The senior girl and the one that made it clear that she was obviously in charge and the leader of the group was Pam.  Pam informed us that they had some VIP customers coming by at ten and that we would be on a schedule so as to be gone by then.  This was her way of making clear that we were not going to have anything but a one-pop date.  The preggo girl said:  "I'm tired of watching people fuck, I'm going to the bar" and she left the room.  Drinking while pregnant was not quite so onerous in that day.  
Pam it turned out was about two years my senior and so Tim and I placed our $50 each in Pam's hand and we all got undressed.  The room had two standard sized beds with a nightstand in between.  There was a table and a sofa at the far end of the room next to the window so it would have been described in the day as a "business suite"  Pam and I had a brief talk (we were more than a decade older than the Munchkin and Pam and therefore a little more compatible.) and mostly I remember that she professed a liking for heroin.  I had some experience with drugs, cocaine, weed, ludes, speed, and some knowledge of acid, but I had never seen any heroin.  She surprised me, but she seemingly was not holding and that was the extent of the conversation.  Much later I wondered if the 10 o'clock appointment was her connection, but then again maybe they didn't even have one, although Pam's actions seemed to indicate that it was a fact.

As we got undressed, I noticed how really attractive Joy was.  Joy at about 5' 10 had beautiful legs and she was very pretty.  Nice petite breasts, trim with a great complexion.  Pam was average in most every way but she was soft, warm and I was happy enough.  (I have often thought how things would have turned out if I had chosen the preggo girl; it crossed my mind at the time but only in passing.) Pam and I got onto the bed closest to the bath and I went down on her.  Pubic hair was in vogue then and hers was neatly trimmed with a sweet tummy.  As I best recall she had a nice pleasant taste and and after a while she sighed with a little quiver and said "I've had enough of that" and gently lifted my head and invited me to mount her.  On the way up I noticed that Joy was giving the Munchkin a blow job and I figured (so wrongly) that he would pop his load any moment.  So I climbed up slipped inside my lady and in what seemed too short (always) I busted my nut.  I remember saying, "I'm coming y'all, I'm coming."  Condoms were not generally used in that day and I don't remember Pam being exceptionally wet on entering her but my cum certainly slicked her up.

Pam lead me to the bathroom and washed my dick in the sink.  This was noticeably old school even for 1981 and I was pleasantly surprised by this.  I was wondering if she was just keeping me in the bathroom so nature could run its course on the other bed.  She handed me a towel and picked up one of two douche bags, this one was white, that were laying across the tub and proceeded to fill it with water from the tub faucet.  It split down the middle on one of the side seams.  She cursed just a little and informed me that it was two years old and had served her well but could I go ask Joy if she could use Joy's red bag.  (I just now wondered what the preggo girl had if anything, there were only two bags in sight.)

I stepped back into the room and Joy and the Munchkin were going at it missionary style.  All this time I never saw Munchkin's dick, just an average looking pair of balls bouncing in his nut sack.  Pam came right behind me from the bath and I don't remember exactly how but she got the pair to get into doggy with Pam sitting Indian style on her knees behind Munchkin.  I was standing between the beds close to Joy's head which she had placed on top of her forearms so her ass was sticking up.  Munchkin, too, was on his knees, going in and out.  I noticed Pam began to play with his nuts from behind.  I saw her reach between her legs with her right hand and get some slick stuff from her pussy.  At the time I didn't think about my cum still residing in her snatch.  Her hand reached towards the Munchkin's ass.  Suddenly he got a "deer in the headlights" look on his face and went almost catatonic.  I didn't think much at the moment about Pam slipping into his ass and rubbing his prostate.  I just was too busy being still and watching him have a killer orgasm.  He didn't move hardly at all, he didn't groan, or even seem to breath hard, he just was frozen while his auto reflex involuntarily took over.  Even as exciting as this seemed, a wonderful, rich aroma wafted up from Joy and Tim's crotch area.  It was an amazing scent of sexual fluids being blended which I had smelled before but never so intense or so overwhelming.  Even though my gear had been drained, this odor reached my lizard brain and set my primal libido into an almost aroused again mode.  Wow, that was cool.  I noticed Pam had remained motionless during the moment and was very still just sitting behind.  I glanced down at Joy's face and a sly smile came across her and she said, "That's a BIG load!"

Pam guided the Munchkin off the bed and lead him into the bath.  He looked completely spent, somewhat shaky, and like a little sleepy puppy that mommy dog was pulling back into the den.  He was compliant in every way.  Pam asked Joy if she could use her douche bag and Joy said yes and slipped off the side of the bed.  She started around the foot of the bed towards the sofa area and said: "Damn, it's running down my leg, get me something."  Her voice was not imperious, more of distress.  I looked and down her beautiful right thigh, a silver white ribbon of jizz about 4 or 5 inches long was drooling on her skin.  It stunned me for just a second as I contemplated how totally erotic it was.  I then hastily went back to the bath and got a wash cloth.  Pam was washing the Munchkin's pecker just like she did for me.  I was just a little jealous that I hadn't filled my lady to the overflowing point like Tim.  Ah, youthful production!  I took the washcloth to Joy and she shoved it into her crotch.

Tim and I got dressed and as we left, of course, we had to pass by the bathroom door.  Both girls were sitting side by side on a towel on the edge of the tub with their legs inside the tun.  Joy's red douche bag was hanging from the shower curtain and the hose disappeared between her legs.  We exchanged pleasantries and departed.  It was sort of sentimental to see the girls enjoying their feminine moment with the shared douche bag and the silver streak.  It capped off a great adventure.  We badass males got our vesicles tapped and again the pussys were prepared for the next draining.


Dan said...

It was about 1990 and I was in a non-traditional graduate school that didn't have a campus, just a network of faculty around the country who met with students in their local areas. Twice a year the school had national sessions where all faculty presented workshops and new student applicants we assessed for entrance into the program. This year I was one of the students helping with the applicant evaluation.

Into one of the assessment meetings walked a cute little fireball named Sarah, with a gorgeous mop of curly hair, whip-smart intelligence, D-cup natural tits and, best of all, she seemed attracted to *me*. We bantered and flirted throughout the meeting and at the end she sat in my lap and hugged me. The faculty member in charge chided me later for inappropriate behavior with an applicant, but I was smitten and there was no way I wasn't going to pursue this.

That night there was a party on the beach (this was Santa Barbara) and I made sure Sarah and I rode there in the same car. We furtively held hands in the back seat while the sexual energy just coursed back and forth between us.

The reggae band on the beach was good, but all I could think about was getting Sarah back to my room at the retreat center, which happened to be a converted former convent. After what seemed to be an interminable time, our ride was finally willing to take us back.

Sarah joined me in my room with no hesitation and we couldn't get our clothes off fast enough. We fucked all night and even though I was 40 at the time, she got me hard over and over. My flashes of memory from the night were her riding me cowgirl while sucking her own tits, the intoxicating taste of her pussy as she came in my mouth, and fucking her from behind in the wee hours of the morning and hearing her plaintively whimper, "You're hurting me." I felt *so* conflicted then, knowing I should stop, but I was out of control with lust and kept fucking until I emptied my balls once again deep inside her. Only years later it occurred to me that maybe I could have offered to switch from her pussy to her ass, but that never crossed my mind in the moment.

The next day at lunch I got confronted by a woman I didn't know who complained that the convent walls were very thin and that Sarah and I had kept her and her roommate up all night with the sounds of our sex, and that we had turned the place into "a cheap motel." I was so gratified to have finally, for once in my life, found someone who craved my sexual attention as much as I craved hers, that I'm sure my apology sounded as insincere as it felt.

To this day, that experience is the sexual pinnacle of my life, and I often think fondly and gratefully of sweet, sweet Sarah.

Anonymous said...

I fucked the babysitter downstairs after the wife had taken the kids upstairs and everybody had turned in. I won't give her age for my protection. But she was blond, long-legged, horny as hell and tighter than any chick I'd ever fucked. Then I gave her a ride home and she sucked me off in her driveway and swallowed my load.

Anonymous said...

I was dating a fuck slut and we were looking for partners for a threesome. I met the girl and she was dressed in a raincoat. She got into my car and showed me that she had nothing on underneath. Just her raincoat and heels. She sucked me off in my car. Then I took her up to my apartment. She was not attracted to my slut so I just took her into the bedroom. My fuckbitch listened from the other room as I laid my new toy on the side of the bed and fucked her. She Came screaming over and over again. Since the new toy was not interested in my slut she just laid next to us while I fucked my original girl in the ass afterwards.

J said...

OK, Linda Sue, I'll play. When I was younger and had rubber to burn I typically juggled four or five lovers at once. One was even named Linda — but not Linda Sue. Only one was in on it and loved hearing about my other escapades, but I could never convince her to do a threesome.

"Amy" said...

I've never told this story before, but I like your blog and many years have passed.

I went with some friends to a rock concert. We were all very high afterwards and ended up in a van. It was dark. Everyone got naked. I remember sucking off a guy I didn't know while another one fucked me from behind. Then things went into a blur of bodies tangled up. A girl sat on my face as I licked her pussy.

In the darkness, I couldn't see the other people. Also, the door kept opening and closing. People were coming and going. At some point, a guy mounted me and pushed inside. He was big and really stretched me. It hurt at first, then really felt good. He pulled my legs up wide and really hammered me for what seemed like an hour. I came several times and then he came inside me and collapsed on top of me.

Just then, the door opened, letting in enough light for me to see. The guy on top of me was my big brother.

Yes, I had just been fucked by my brother. He said my name, cursed, climbed off and left. As I recall, he didn't even have all his clothes on.

We never spoke about it, even to this day. We both went on to be very respectable people, have kids and careers. But I still think about that night. I don't know how to feel about it, torn between shame adn a hell of a turn on. Top that. True story.

Anonymous said...

Wow, girl!

Anonymous said...

I dated an adventurous woman many years ago who had a desire to watch two guys have sex together. I've always had a bi side and said that if she found a good guy to play with, I would happily have a threesome with her. So she called up an amenable former partner and we arranged a weekend one summer to play together.

It started off slowly, with talk and some drinks to loosen things up. But eventually the other guy (forget his name now) and I undressed each other and then started kissing lightly and touching all over. My woman had to take her own clothes off, but then joined us for what was a long session of playing together with each of us licking, sucking, riding or thrusting as appropriate.

The other guy put on a condom and penetrated my ass which felt great. He went slowly, and my woman alternated between sucking and caressing me. But he had other plans for me and suggested a special treat.

He pulled out and then they both went down on me for what proved to be the absolute best blow job I have ever had. He sucked and licked me for a while, then she took over. I was moaning and groaning so loudly I'm sure the whole floor heard me. Eventually he was back in charge with my cock in his very capable mouth and she managed to kiss and lick my balls as I absolutely exploded and shot a large load into his mouth. They both milked me for a long time, draining me completely and then letting me drift off into an exhausted half slumber as they continued to have sex next to me.

I think about that day and that blowjob with fondness.

Kathy said...

I was nineteen when I seduced my music teacher in college. One night, I was going down on him in an empty classroom, but the lights were on and big windows looked out. We were so into it that we didn't realize people were watching from rooms in the other wing of the building, right across the way. At the time, I was afraid of the consequences. Nothing happened. Now I'm proud!

Ramborat said...

@Amy, I can't top your story. Too bad that AIDS and other STD's put a stop to all the fun. The random selection that your brother made in the dark was just the luck of the draw. I imagine you were really sore the next day. My wife went out years ago with a girl friend and hooked up with a couple of oil rig workers (she fucked two and gave a third one a blow job). She got home early the next morning and she was a mess. There was a patch of wet in the crotch of her jeans and she was banging off the walls tired and coming down. Later that afternoon she told me what happened and I got excited and went down on her. Very interesting scent and flavor, I think the best description would be "well fucked". When I started to enter her she said" "Make this quick, I'm sore." That made me loose my load real fast! Ah, the good old days...

Anonymous said...

The best I can do is that my girlfriend sucked me off on the living room sofa while her parents were upstairs asleep. But I looked up and saw her little sister watching us from the landing at the top of the stairs. It made me feel a little pervy she was about sixteen and better looking than her sister. She smiled at me and I lost it, came in my girlfriend's mouth a big load.

Anonymous said...

After we got married my husband and I were in bed after making love talking about our pasts. He told me all his girl friends and his first wife had cheated on him. As he told me everything, I listened and asked about what they did and how he felt. I noticed how his breathing had increased. I hugged him. I wanted him to feel better. Then I noticed he was hard, like really hard. I touched him, wrapping my fingers around him. I looked deep into his eyes and suddenly I realized something important and asked him, “Do you want me to be like them and cheat too?” I couldn't believe his reaction. He was as aroused as I had ever seen him. In the next few days we had several amazing and completely open conversations about his needs and desires. He even admitted his actual interest in cuckolding and showed me stories and articles about cuckolding. After a couple of week of very intimate discussions I finally told him, "Don’t be nervous. My love for you is unconditional. I know you can’t help it. You are who you are. So if you believe being a cuckold epitomizes your inner self. If you know it defines you. You should accept it. You should be proud of it. Your declaration will be the ultimate act of liberation. I promise to enable your every need. I’ll honor and support your proclamation as a symbol of commitment to our relationship and my love will expand in ways you can’t imagine." Am I doing the right thing?

Ramborat said...

To Anonymous 03/01/17 Yes, you are. Communication is the most important thing in the relationship. As the female you have emotional considerations. Your husband is either testing you to determine if you are like his previous women or really wants to have you fuck other men. He may be conflicted. You need to discuss this with him at length and be very specific. He may want to know every little detail and he might be interested in cleaning you up after you have been with another man.
That is one of my fantasies. My wife did it a couple of times. However, she is low sexed and was concerned about STDs. One night she got high and did two guys. She was sore and the scent was amazing.
Just make sure your hubby is not leading you on and that he really wants you to get it on. Good luck.

Kevin said...

I've perused the deliciously sordid chronicles of Linda Sue from '07 to...well..."present". And now, having lived vicariously through those well-written words, enjoying every entry, I sit, staring at the screen, dejected.
Well, okay, perhaps that's a bit over-the-top, but I do feel like the guy who showed up after the party has ended; nothing but empties strewn about and crickets chirping. Darn!

Linda Sue said...

I'll be back. Please be patient. Work is very demanding. In the meantime, please enjoy the archives.

Kevin said...

Having consumed insatiably at the table of Linda Sue’s Diary, I’ll concede that some quid pro quo is overdue.
I took stock of my sexual history expecting to account for a splendid catalogue of debauchery, but I’m coming up short. I can only recall 11 lovers. My ego says I’ve missed some, but alas, I don’t recall. Not to imply that I’m lily-white; a few atypical dalliances were had. There was my friend’s mother, 20+ years my senior (I was in college), who I had a booze-fueled heavy petting session with in a bathroom at a party. We quickly rounded the bases, but were interrupted before sliding into home, and a 2nd inning wasn’t attempted. There was my high school steady who’s shared affinity for swapping fluids (snowblowing, squirting, et al) made for fond memories but, in whole, never really pushed the kink envelope. And there was the night my girlfriend; now wife, sufficiently lubricated with wine and massage oil, gave her anal cherry to me in a lengthy session punctuated by four enthusiastic orgasms. All told, though, none of my escapades fill the bill of “kinkiest, most shameful, forbidden, secret sex adventure”. I shall endeavor to contribute, and offer a true tale in the “secret sex adventure” genre.
PT. 1
It was the summer of ’87, and I was on break from college, camping with some buddies in a state park on the Gulf coast. Usually occupancy was sparse, but it was Independence Day weekend and all sites were full - the place was bustling with activity. Old Glory was on parade, dancing in wind. A steady ocean breeze permeated the camp ground, carrying with it muffled sounds from neighbor’s radios and a heady bouquet of grill smoke, fried fish and Hawaiian Tropic. Generally, I’m not one for crowds, but the atmosphere was intoxicating!
It’s been my experience that when domiciling in remote locations, removed from society’s watchful eye, people tend to lower their inhibitions, and we weren’t immune to the phenomenon. A sexual energy filled the air. Girls would cruise by atop bicycles or perched on the lowered tailgates of passing trucks. They’d flirtingly wave at us; the bolder ones would whistle, and, like a mating call, we’d answer in same. We had alcohol. We had music. We had raging hormones. Fun was unavoidable.
Saturday afternoon found me sitting on the beach, baking in the hot sun, swilling cold beer. My head on a swivel, I scanned the beach for scantily clad females…and one caught my eye. She was among a small co-ed group (male/female) strolling up the shoreline. Even at a distance, she stood out. Her sashay was distinctive, feminine and confident. Her bright white bikini contrasted sharply against dark, tanned skin, and a head of auburn hair radiated in the summer sun, framing a pair of dark sunglasses, pert nose, dimples and red lips. She too was scanning the beach, and her gaze locked on me (my mouth was probably handing open). She smiled and waved, and I echoed the sentiment as she continued down the beach. She was about 5’5”, 120 lbs., perky tits (32B?) and an fabulous rear! [disclosure: tits are great, but I’m totally an ass man!]
A confident “player” I was not, but, with beer-induced courage, I sprang to my feet and jogged over. My opening line was clever and pithy, I’m sure, like “Uhhh…Hi”. She turned to me and smiled, then waved her group on - “I’ll catch up”. I extended my hand, “I’m Kevin”, and she raised her sunglasses, revealing dark, playful eyes (like Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles). She shook my hand; “I’m Shelby” (yes, like the car and, to that extent, apropos). Like me, she was on summer break, so we chit-chatted, quickly establishing rapport and our mutual attraction. I soon found myself walking with her group down the beach and, goaded by margaritas and hormones, Shelby and I spent the rest of the day together laughing and flirting.

Kevin said...

PT. 2
She was unmistakably southern, with a fetching drawl and sassy personality. She described her life back home as conventional; student, volunteer, avid church-goer and amateur beauty contestant. The latter wasn’t surprising considering her good looks, but also sadly evident in conversation, where her replies at times sounded scripted and rehearsed. It was a bit of a turn-off, really. Nevertheless, she was bent on reconciling her inner bad girl, and I was happy to be her chosen accomplice.
By late afternoon, the blistering temperatures had moderated and the colors of the setting sun drew voyeurs onto the beach. Shelby and I were bobbing in the surf atop a large inflatable mattress, playfully fighting the waves, our prone bodies side by side, touching. The skin on skin contact was exhilarating, and we soon started stealing kisses in the brief respite between waves. And with each cycle, our kisses lingered, grew more determined. But the rolling surf was no place for petting. “Let’s go in”, she said.
We lugged the mattress from the surf like a military recon unit with a rubber raft. I followed her lead up onto the beach, placing the mattress in the sand under a wooden boardwalk that navigated the dunes and overlooked the beach. The location was conspicuous, but, in our aroused state, we didn’t care. Not far away, her friends had gathered to watch the sunset, and they warily studied our nesting activities.
Shelby and I crawled onto our “bed” and turned into each other; hands immediately roaming. She found my erection, rubbing it through my shorts. I gently bit her lower lip and our tongues found purpose exploring each other’s mouths. Through her bikini top my fingers manipulated her now taut nipples, and her legs opened as my right thigh instinctively slid between them, nestled into her crotch and rhythmically rubbed her mound; heat emanating onto my leg. We were oblivious of our surroundings until a sharp whistle from one of her friends broke our fervor - “Hey you two, it’s time to head back to camp; let’s eat.” Slightly embarrassed, but undaunted, we gathered our things and followed the others. Shelby gave me a devilish grin and shifted her eyes to the front of my shorts – a “tent” proudly on display.
Back in camp, we drank margaritas and ate freshly harvested scallops. With the meal quickly concluded and darkness falling, our company soon announced they were headed back to the beach for a nighttime stroll. Sitting at the picnic table, Shelby and I tactfully demurred and, once they faded into the darkness, pounced on each other; lips locked. Her hand snaked into my shorts. Precum wetted her grip as she tugged at my hard-on. In return, her legs parted, beckoning my fingers into her bikini bottom – the tips gliding through her soft pubic hair and down into wet folds. A soft moan escaped her throat as I pulled a now well-lubricated middle finger from inside her and use it to thrum her clit, causing her breathing to become erratic.

Kevin said...

PT. 3
Realizing that we were again quite conspicuous (in the light of a Coleman lantern, we were in full view of neighboring campers), we scurried into her small 2-person tent and unabashedly shed got naked. I quickly crawled on top of Shelby, hovering above her, our eyes fixed in anticipation as my cock nestled against her opening. Her legs instinctively flew up and wrapped around my waist as I pushed foward, sinking balls-deep into her…“Oohhhhhh yessss!”. Her warm, snug pussy felt exquisite. She grabbed my ass and held me deep; “Damn that feels good!” After a brief minute savoring the moment, I raised up onto my hands and we both looked down between us at our union as I slowly withdrew my cock; only the head remained fast in the suctioning lips of her entrance. A glistening veined shaft protruded obscenely from her soft auburn bush – the image obscene and arousing. With a grunt, she grabbed my hips and tried to pull me into her, but I resisted and teasingly rotated my hips as if to dislodge my member from her pussy’s grip. But she was having none of it; she pulled me forward and hungrily re-inserted the entire length into her. I groaned in approval. My hands held her face as our tongues danced, lustfully exchanged saliva. And then, we fucked! Animalistic. We rutted. Grinding against each other, we moaned and grunted in untethered desperation as the stifling heat found us gloriously slippery with sweat. My feet found purchase in the tent floor as I forcefully thrust into her and she greedily accepted each plunge. It wasn’t long before she tensed, her panicked eyes locked on mine and hands pawed franticly, “Oh God…Oh God…Oh God!”. She jutted her hips up into me, held me tight, closed her eyes and shuddered in orgasm, a sharp yelp piercing the night, trailed by sputtered moans and silence, save for our heavy breathing.
We remained static for a moment as Shelby enjoyed her high, and as she came down, her eyes opened and she smiled. Her pussy twitched around my still buried shaft, letting me know she was ready. And then, again, we fucked! This time, however, our motions were controlled, deliberate. My strokes, longer and slower. Our hips moved in unison, extracting every ounce of carnal joy from our illicit play, and we settled into a splendid screw. It wasn’t long before our pace quickened, so we adjusted our position accordingly, putting her legs on my shoulders. And now, from this unimpeded vantage point, I began to pistoning into her with full strokes as she spurred me on, “Yeah, fuck me! God yes, fuck me! Harder!”. Our hips slapped together as her sodden pussy made sucking, slurping noises, generating copious lubrication that ran down the crack of her ass onto the tent floor, comingled with the already puddled sweat. My balls began to tighten and I knew my orgasm was quickly approaching. Suddenly, Shelby froze; “Shhhhh!”, she said, as she listened intently to distant noises. “Oh shit! They’re coming back!!” In a panic, she pushed me off and urged me to dress before her friends arrived. We scrambled and exited tent just as they emerged from the darkness into camp. But we were fooling no one; their faces bore a collection of surprised looks and sheepish grins. Embarrassed, Shelby clumsily greeted them with small talk, as if nothing happened. And I stood there, in the proverbial spotlight, adjusting my shorts, trying in vain to conceal my erection. It was awkward.

Kevin said...

PT. 4
Nervously, I grabbed a beer as a distraction, took a large gulp and said “Well, I better start getting back to camp. It’s late.” Shelby concurred and offered to walk with me. We darted off into the darkness, looking for a venue for sex. The nearby public bathhouse was unoccupied, dark and accommodating, particularly the large shower stalls, so we slipped into a stall and out of our bathing suits. Desperate to reconvene our sordid activities, we considered laying on the floor, but it was cold and gritty with sand. We tried sitting on the tiled bench incorporated into the wall, but it proved unwieldly. Finally, Shelby stood, turned her back to me, leaned forward, playing her hands on the wall. Looking over her shoulder, she jutted her ass out, presenting. I moved behind her and rubbed the head of my cock against her opening before sliding it in. Bending at the knees to improve the angle, I started pumping into her as she braced herself. Both of us moaning, now content in satiating our sexual craving. I needed to be deeper inside her. So, I pulled out, spun her around, kissing her hungrily as I lifted her legs up into the crooks of my arms, hoisting her up, splayed and suspended above my hips. Pressing her back against the wall for support, Shelby’s arms dangling around my neck as her fully-exposed opening summoned my length. Impatiently, she lowered her hips and impaled herself on my upward jutting shaft, and I began plunging up into her. Each unobstructed stab bottomed-out, nudging her cervix and eliciting soft whimpers of pleasure and pain. Shelby’s arms now hugged my head tightly, as if she were trying to climb me. Sweat beaded on our skin as we fucked. Grunting, I heaved into her as she spurred me on, “Yes! That’s it, fuck me!” My hips thrusting upward in a rapid, staccato rhythm. She loosened her embrace and looked at me; “I want you to cum. Cum inside me.” And with that, I lost it; “OOHHHHH SHIIIT!” and sank into her. We stared into each other’s eyes, searching, as my embedded cock convulsed inside her, spewing thick ribbons of cum, and her pussy contracted, milking me of each deposit.
We stayed there for a minute, catching our breath, spasms subsiding. She was still in my arm, suspended against the wall when my softening cock slipped from her cunt, allowing cum to ooze from her uncorked hole and dribble audibly onto the tile floor. I gently lowered Shelby until she found her footing. We stood, regained our bearings, and then turned on the shower. And, in a post-coital haze, slowly washed each other, intermittingly kissing and nuzzling.
We didn’t have towels, so when we finished our shower we simply donned our suits and I escorted Shelby back to her camp. Holding hands as we walked, the night air felt cool and refreshing against our damp skin. Back at camp, it was dark; the lights were out and folks were asleep. We kissed deeply, exchanged phone numbers, said our goodbyes and I walked back to my camp. She was gone the next day.

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