Thursday, March 1, 2012

That was a mouthful

I believe this was one of the stories I told on the now lost blog, The Fellatrices:

I was involved in a long-distance relationship with a man who lived in the Bay Area. The sex was always unbelievable, as is often the case when you don't live in the same city. We had all sorts of adventures, including public sex where he fucked me on a picnic table in a (we thought) deserted part of a state park. He adored natural redheads.

Once I gave him a challenge: Could he go for two weeks between our visits without masturbating, much less having sex with another woman (he denied there was one, but you never know)? If he could, I'd give him the glory cock-sucking of his young life. Now, this man had the strongest stream of semen of anybody I'd ever gone down on. So if he could do this, it would be pretty amazing.

He agreed to try.

Over the next two weeks, we'd have steamy conversations on the phone. I'd always ask if he was sticking to his promise. He claimed he was, with difficulty. It wasn't easy considering sometimes I'd finger myself and bring myself off while on the phone with him. I also taped myself masturbating, complete with detailed description of what I was doing and then my usual loud orgasm — and I FedEx'd the tape to him.

I met him at the airport wearing a short skirt and a thong. I thought he was going to put me up against the wall right there and fuck me. He was flushed with horniness and Dreaded Orgasm Buildup, as I called it. Back at his placed, he covered me with kisses while he stripped me down to nothing but my black pumps. He laid me down on his futon and proceeded to give me a long missionary fucking. "Dig your heels into my back," he ordered, and I did. Between my own orgasms, I gasped, "Don't you dare come in my. That sperm belongs to my mouth!" But he had superb control, even able to withstand my trademark pussy oscillation move that usually brings guys off very fast. (I didn't use it that night, but let him fuck me playing the submissive, looking forward to my "reward").

After this workout — I'd say at least half an hour — he dismounted and lay on his back. I started kissing him and running my breasts and nipples down his chest.

"Have you been a good boy?" I asked. "No coming without me?"

He swore that he had, but I could tell from his voice that he was desperate to come. I wanted to really take my time, but being a greedy little slut I couldn't help myself. Pretty soon, I had his cock in my mouth and I was moving up and down on him, sucking hard. He screamed himself as the first spurt filled — and I do mean filled — my mouth. It was a gusher, reaching not just the back of my mouth but my throat. I had tried to prepare myself, but this was a huge amount of semen! I swallowed as fast as I could, breathing though my nose, as a second, third and, rare in my experience, fourth spurt came. He was moaning and grasping my hands, his pelvis was shaking.

I just kept swallowing, feeling his thick semen coat my throat and fill up my stomach. He had indeed kept his words, and said it was the best orgasm of his life. We fucked four more times that night, but the first come was the best.


Paul said...

Feel free to let some of us know if you're ever back in the Bay Area. ;)

Anonymous said...

c said..

god! that was so hot!

Anonymous said...

l wish my wife would do that to me too--swallowing.

Anonymous said...

Hot. My girlfriend and I used to do this. I was 20 at it was so hard to not touch myself for a week or two. I was always good for two huge orgasms and she usually said that the second one was larger than the first.

The first one always went in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. The second orgasm was usually in her pussy and I liked to watch it drip out afterwards, or we just went out and it dripped out during dinner. Hot.

Thanks for bringing up this memory Linda Sue!

Anonymous said...

My wife is an avid swallower also, and when I was younger, I was a pretty heavy cummer. If there was ever a period of time where we went a week or two without sex, I always made sure she swallowed my load. She referred to those as "superwads" and enjoyed the challenge of swallowing it all. It was a turn on to hear her gulp a few times as I shot my load and she swallowed every drop.

Anonymous said...

Lucky girl. Sounds like a Peter North cumshot. Some of his are the most wonderful to watch with the thick swirling of cum in their mouths the women look beautiful - then the swallow allows them to taste the sex.