Monday, March 21, 2011

Little black riding hood

It's been a very intense couple of weeks, for reasons you can guess but of course I can't tell you.

Friday night I was totally fried when I finally got some freedom, did some window-shopping and was walking home. But not so fried that my sixth sense didn't tell me I was being followed. And badly, at that. This was an amateur. So I didn't head in the direction of home, walked instead a long way down Pennsylvania Avenue and let the crowds thin out. I stepped into an alley and waited. My gut was tight but I was cool and focused. I unsnapped the retention snap on the holster holding my SIG Sauer (for you gun nuts, I was wearing my Galco Silhouette highride, a very nice accessory for my pants suit). When the figure passed me, I whispered, just loud enough.

"Hi, there."

The figure jumped in surprise and faced me. Beneath the black hood of the raincoat was...Robin.

"Amber..." she sputtered.

"Why are you following me?

"I'm not..." I saw the red of her face even in the dim light. Then her expression changed and she advanced toward me in the alley, her body quaking with anger.

"You fucked my husband!" she shouted.


I know, I know. You warned me, and I had an uneasy feeling about out solitary romp. I took a step back and lied. I'm usually a very good liar.

"Lying little bitch!" she screamed. "I saw the video on his computer!"

Fuck, fuck. He taped us.

"Look Robin," I said. "James told me you were OK with this, and you have your own boy toy on the side..."


I'm usually very good at defusing situations. But she just slapped me, hard. I felt I had to let her do it. But it was no girl slap — I almost felt some dental work start to come loose. When she tried it again, I grabbed her wrist, turned her, put an arm lock on her and kicked her behind the knee, dropping her to the pavement, face down. Then I heard the blip of the siren and saw the walls reflecting the emergency lights.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

It was a DC police cruiser, pulled to the curb. Two officers were getting out of the car.

"Stay," I commanded Robin. Then I walked (in a non-threatening manner) to the cops and discreetly showed them my credentials. They went away, silently resenting the feds. I walked back to Robin, who was on her knee crying. I helped her up.

As we stood there, she cried and told me how they had started swinging after their kids had grown up and left the house, how she was very reluctant at first but grew to enjoy it, but how each had pledged to do no cheating on the side.

I'd like to tell you that I took her back to my place, made us drinks and we made passionate make-up girl love. But that didn't happen.

"He's in love with you, Amber," she blubbered. "I don't want to lose him!"

If that was true, she had bigger problems than me. She's a pretty woman worried that she's losing her looks. If James is screwing me on the side, who else might he be doing? I am that most threatening thing to a married woman: A single woman who men want to fuck. And a redhead. But all I could promise was that I wouldn't see him again. As she pulled up her black hood and hailed a cab, I knew I wouldn't be getting any more invitations to the lifestyle club. Now I just need to call in a favor and get the asshole's video erased before it ends up on the Web.


hans said...

Ah, poo!
Would´ve liked that fantasy ending more.
That´s life I guess. :(

And please do keep up girl.

Nowadays it´s criminally idiotic for a man to bed strange women without proof of "innocence".
His future anal virginity, not to even mention his whole private/professional life is only one false rape charge away from getting destroyed.

"Assange-ing" isn´t just a Swedish sport.

Anonymous said...

The schmuck bugged the hotel, or you later met him at his place?

Mogua Bloughwa said...

I feel sorry for her because of what a shit her husband is.

i would call in a few favors to delete the husband after having fed him his computer, spy camera, and any other piece of hardware that could be found with his fingerprints on it.

on the final hand, i'd love to watch as you deal with the local cops next time...

Advizor54 said...

This is a great story, drama, confrontation, girl/girl make-up love... oh, wait, alright, not that, but still, and excellent story.

Anonymous said...

I had a bad feeling about this, Sue. You handled it with your usual poise.

Anonymous said...

How do you suppose she found you, if you had used an assumed name in your meetings?

Anonymous said...

How would you be able to get the video erased from his computer? without seizing his computer? but not deleting that video would also jeopardize your career or identity too though. hmm...

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a situation my wife and I encountered when we were swinging. For my part, it was tough to watch "Susan" get fucked by a well hung guy and really ENJOY it. But when we started a regular 3-some with "Kathy," my wife grew progressively more jealous. Finally a big blowup. I still see K on the side. Someday there'll be hell to pay

Steve S said...

Sorry to hear the cheating husband lied to you and you had to deal with his wife (who seemed like a good friend to you also).

I found your blog by accident, but will be "cuming" back for more.

What a sexy woman you are! I just love a woman in stockings and lace!

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