Monday, February 8, 2010

Eyes on me

The snow in D.C. was absolutely gorgeous. So what the heck have I been doing that would please you? Not much. It's just too risky right now.

Still, I went out before the big snow, wearing a short skirt under my good winter coat, went to a couple of my favorite watering holes. It's nice to feel the eyes on me. And believe me, you can almost physically feel the lust. It's something most of you guys will never get, sorry to say. The legs men are especially appreciative -- in my experience they're more likely to "get" the whole woman. But even the one-note tits guys were probably looking. I still have good legs. One pickup attempt, Always fun to see the dates' getting angry when their men are staring at me.

So now I have to reach into my memory for some true tales from my past...


Paul said...

I hope you had the chance to dig out before Rd 2 arrives.

Southern Swinger said...

Well it is good to see you are still around. Been checking on you frequently. Sounds like just the right time to build a fire in the fireplace and get naked with your favorite fuck buddy and work out a good story

loucinda said...

fuck hon,

dig something up, make something up, or go out and find someone to make things fun and wet happen. we loyal readers are still here, waitin' for more stuff from you.

オテモヤン said...


afsuperman said...

As a fellow DC resident, I say AMEN! A nice fuck in a warm house with a record snowfall outside... can't beat it.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely delicious in your assorted cravings. Arousing to the max, adventurous, exciting and on and on. I am a virgin Blog explorer, so this is my first post. So easy to see why you have won awards. Everything about a woman excites me, from the soft lips and hair to the kissable toes. Variety is so much the spice of sexuality. I love the slow, slow build up. As a dedicated legs man, sitting on the floor in front of her, in skirts, thigh highs, panties, no panties. Leg crossings, slow teasing toying with the skirt hem. Heaven, never too much teasing. The scent of that excited wetness is always intoxicating. It is very difficult for me to restrain from kissing and tasting my way up between her legs to press my lips into that wetness. Make no mistake, I love the breasts with an equal passion, which also is such a part of that wonderful teasing equation. One of my adventures was with an accomplished tease. She would tell me her little adventures at the mall, library, various places while I would journey all over her body with my lips and tongue winding up with her thighs up on my shoulders, my face and tongue pressed deep into her warm wet pussy, she would explode so beautifully. mmm pleasure is delicious.