Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baby, we were born to run...

I had another kind of ladies' room experience today. I had just washed my hands and dried them, and was preparing to leave...when Wendy walked in. She froze inside the door, looking at me doe-eyed. Suddenly she just walked over to me, took me in her arms and kissed me.

And I mean kissed me. A passionate lip-lock, with her tongue gently probing inside my mouth. I was so stunned that for a moment I didn't kiss her back. Then I returned the embrace and our tongues danced together for long seconds. Her strong pussy scent came into my nostrils. Fortunately we were alone.

She released me, her face a deep scarlet. "I'm not a lesbian," she said.

"Neither am I." I smiled and lightly ran my finger down her cheek. "Why don't you come over tonight?" She nodded.

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, the LT is feeling pressure from girlfriend to get married. I let him tell me all this as I am giving him a long, lingering feather blowjob. In between licking and light sucking, I ask him if he really wants to get married. "No," he moans. "I don't know. I feel like I'm supposed to..."

"Feel this..." I take him deeply into my mouth and go up and down on his shaft applying just enough pressure with the muscles of my mouth that he's well on his way to coming.

Young people are so dumb. But this one can go all night. I guarantee that won't continue once girlfriend gets that ring on her finger.


Ben said...

Cynic! :)
In fact if you read a number of blogs out there, including your own, I think you'll find "all night long" does go on. The girl friend is the big loser in that one.
PS I can't wait to hear about your night with Wendy! You are so deep inside her head, it's too damned sexy!

hans said...

Hmm, we have a saying over here.

Dumm fickt gut.

This energizer flesh-dildo is cheating on her with you, and talks about marriage?


I´d almost say he´ll deserve getting raped in divorce court 5 years from now. But oh well, give him this link.Maybe he´ll manage to find a clue somewhere beneath that buzz-cut.

P.S. keep us posted on Wendy-Darling. So cute how you gals are dancing around each other.

SHIMI said...

nice to be here

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